Out of the Box ~ June 2013


Out of the Box Sampler is totally different than the other boxes I’ve been subscribing to lately. It focuses on local companies and entrepreneurs who are trying to get their name out there in terms of candles, soaps, perfumes, and more, mostly working off of Etsy or their own private websites.  Michelle Murray, the creator of OOTBS curates these monthly boxes, containing 15+ items, so you’re sure to find something you love within the box (unlike some boxes that only give you 4 samples and leave you thinking if your money was well-spent).  She also has a Food-Only box for those of you who are interested in new snacks, candies and other goodies, AND a Men’s box containing a mixture of items that are scented and chosen to appeal to the male crowd. All three boxes are great as gifts too!


She included a cute note card with the “Fruit Salad, BBQ & Backyard Picnic” theme, alone with a sheet of paper that listed all the participating companies and the discounts they offered. If you have a specific question about a brand/item, feel free to comment and I will look up the details for you!

So, want to know what I received? I categorized the items so that this post wouldn’t go on forever:



The June Out of the Box Sampler contained a lot of soaps: square soaps, edible-looking soaps, soap tarts and more! Items included: Cedar Creek Vanilla Bath Soak, NYC Metro Girl Lime in the Coconut Cupcake (so cute!) soap, Hobbes Art Limited Hand Crafted Soaps in Baked Apple (this one smelled phenominal!), Mixing Up Magic “Faerie Knoll” Fresh Green Clover Scented Soap, Wildflower Avenue Bath & Body Shea Butter Mini Soaps in a floral design and 303 Dolls by Montage by Marci in “The Beach Babe” scent.



Granny’s Kountry Candles in Summer Fun. This full-size ice cream shaped and scented candle was one of my favorites! The other item was a Melty Melts Soy Melt Sample in Black Irish (a little too masculine smelling for me personally)


Skin Care Products

One of the products (little jar on burlap bag) was Touch. Restore. Heal “Ice Cream” which is definitely a strong smell so it’s a bit off a turn-off, however it is supposed to cure aches and sore body parts so perhaps it will help after a workout. Tiger Moon supplied the black goodie bag which contained two items: Al Iksir and Green Tea & Soapbark Scrub. Al Iksir is a whole body moisturizing and restoring cream, while the scrub cleanses and exfoliates. The see-through light yellow bag contains Slippery Slope Soaps Summer Fling Whipped Sugar Scrub and a Fruit Salad-scented Soy Wax Tart. Only downside is that with this tart and the one above under Candles is that I don’t have a burner/melter! Finally, there was a “knit face scrubbie” from Taylor May’s Handmade Crafts and a Complete Beauty Mask mix by Flawless.


This & That

These are what I consider the ‘randoms’ of the box: not a beauty/bath product, not edible, but nifty items. I got a pin that says “Gotta Wear Shades” from EclecticAims, a pair of Hello Kitty earrings from The Jewelerey Box and a red apple-print bow from Little Ladie Bowtique. These items will most likely be going to some little cousins and kids who might appreciate them more than me.



All tied up in a bumble bee-themed bag were the edibles! There was a deluxe sample of Kens Airy Crunch Peanut Brittle, SneakyCakes (the sponsor brand for this month) Kota Tis Skaras Chicken Marinade powder, Ju-C Suckers Homemade Candy in Pineapple (although it’s white and I have absolutely no idea what the shape/mold is supposed to be of), a heart-shaped Gourmet Tutti-fruitti lollipop from Home and Family, and a Hobin Hotel Favorites Salted Chocolate Shortbread cookie.


These two (above) were my favorites of the bunch!  Ice cream cone and cupcake shaped items totally draw me in, plus they smell amazing and I’ll soon be using them!

out of the box 5

One of the other things that really appeals to me about Out of the Box Sampler is that the companies used in the upcoming months box are always posted on the Out of the Box Sampler Facebook Page. I love this because if I see an item that I totally love or a company that I’ve purchased from before, it encourages me to sign up right away. Although the items can vary, it helps to give you a sense of what could be included. 🙂

PLUS: You receive an invoice once a month so you can decide if you would like to sign up for the upcoming month, or if you are tight on cash or are not interested in the majority of the companies/items, you can skip a month!

NOTE: If you are allergic to certain items (like beeswax, glycerin, etc) or have allergies or any other reactions to strong scents (floral, fruity, musky, etc), this may not be the box for you. While I enjoyed 80% of the scents I received (a few were a bit too much/not my style), you could smell the items as soon as you cut open the box.

All in all, I really like the box! There were a few items just not my style (too strong scent or too ‘young’ like the bow and earrings) but now that I have so many bath/body items, it’ll take me a while to use them all! So I’m keeping an eye on the companies signing up, and looking into getting the August or September box! Check it out for yourself!

xo, Kenzie

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