BookCase Club ~ October Book Review


Love to read, but not always sure what titles to read or find yourself overpaying for books? BookCase Club is a fairly new subscription box geared toward people who love to read. As a bookworm myself, this appealed to my senses for the category options, the price and the beauty of hardcover books. For $14.99 ($9.99 per month + shipping) BookCase Club sends you a selection of handpicked books right to your doorstep. If you sign up before the 26th of the month, your first box will ship out of the first of the following month.


You get to choose your category, between Teenage Dreams, Thrill Seeker, Strange Worlds, Read to Me, Blind Date, Booking for Love, Quarterly Cookbooks or Quarterly Military History. Personally, I’m a “Thrill Seeker” kinda girl, based on my love for Gone Girl, Girl on the Train, and various other mystery thriller novels.


My October 2016 selection included two of the following books, entitled The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne and The Ghost Shift by John Gapper.


The Ghost Shift by John Gapper

I haven’t gotten a chance to start this one yet, and while it doesn’t sound as aligned with mystery thrillers I’ve read before, reviews make it sound intriguing!

It’s the story of an up-and-coming agent of the Commission for Discipline Inspection who investigates political corruption. But one day, she arrives on the scene of a police investigation and is confronted with a crime—and a victim—she cannot ignore. Breaking protocol, the main character Mei undertakes a covert search for the truth about the mystery woman’s death—and life—by following in her footsteps.


The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

I’m almost done with this book, and am hooked so far!

It’s the story of a family (mother, father and twin daughters) and on a fateful day, one of the daughters dies, and the family becomes shattered from it. A year later, they move away, trying to reform their family back together, and yet there’s something wrong with their surviving daughter: talking to herself and her dead twin, stating she is the other twin and they had mistaken her identity, etc. Only during a violent storm must they confront what happened that day a year ago and find out the truth.

There are some twists and turns you don’t quite expect and slowly try to piece it together, yet never know the truth. It’s similar to other mystery thrillers I’ve read, and would recommend it so far.


I most likely wouldn’t have found these books on my own and were definitely intrigued by them. I still have yet to read The Ghost Shift, but am loving The Ice Twins.


What do you think about BookCase Club? Stay tuned for next month’s review!


One thought on “BookCase Club ~ October Book Review

  1. I really like this, I like that you can pick what genre you like as most book subscriptions haven’t given me the chance so far. Too bad they didn’t give you coffee or Tea that would make it perfect.

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