Falling for Seasonal Decor

Falling for Seasonal Decor

I love fall
… it has to be my favorite season of the year. Why do you ask? Not only does it house the greatest Holidays (Halloween and my birthday, hah!) but it has amazing weather, foliage, recipes to make and fresh produce in season!


I love redecorating and switching things up based on my mood, seasons and holidays, so why not focus on a fall refresh? Summer has come and gone, with cool breezes now taking over and the sun setting earlier every day. With that comes my desire to nix the summery bright beauty hues for colors like burnt orange, brown, sage and army green.


If you’re like me and just want to change up your living room with a few quick fixes, try some of my top picks! I want to swap out my teal, tan and white throw pillows for ones like this pumpkin spice throw, fringed leaf toss pillow, geometric burnt pumpkin pillow or hello fall graphic knit pillowwhich would look great with my tan-beige couch and chaise lounge. Wether indoor or outdoor, you can use these super cute decorated pumpkins, such as this light-up pumpkin or white and gold patterned pumpkin ! I personally like the white ones with accent colors and decorations, as I have a lot of white accents in my living room. These would decorate a front stoop, bookshelf or coffee table perfectly.


Set the mood with some candles in your living room or bedroom, allowing the scent of sweet baked goods to fill the air. There’s nothing better than the smell of hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick, warm caramel drizzle, or layered pumpkin and fall essence, or a combination pumpkin chai latte candle and diffuser setAny of these candles or diffusers are sure to be a great choice.


Make a change in your kitchen by using dishtowels and potholders with seasonal prints or colors, such as these fall harvest gingham kitchen towels or these leaf cork coasters for hot or cold drinks. Warm up apple cider, pumpkin spice coffee, or any other hot toddy for your guest in this adorable fall essentials mug. Set out candy in this clear glass pumpkin jar, or serve hors d’ouvres and assorted cheeses on this cute orange pumpkin platter with matching spreaderFor dinner or dessert, serve a pie (either savory or sweet!) with this burnt orange pumpkin pie plate and matching lid. I can definitely see myself using this pie dish for chicken pot pie and beef stew with dumplings on top, as well as pecan pie and of course, pumpkin!


How are you decorating for fall!?


xo Kenzie

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