Inspired Room Box


Inspired Room Box is a fairly new, exciting home decor subscription box created by home décor guru Jill Weadick of HomeStylus. You can choose from three different styles of décor including Rustic, Vintage, and Modern, and each box is carefully designed for a specific room in your home.


For only $54.97 per month + shipping, you receive 3-5 beautiful home décor products varying from candleholders and trinket trays to picture frames and signage. You can also get past boxes for a discounted rate.


I received the Modern Style Inspired Room Box (you get to choose your preferred style) and this month was focused on decorating your Master Bedroom. The subscription box comes with an info card detailing the items included, design tips and a couple cute freebie items!


First up we have my favorite items in the box, the Geometric Diamond Cut Candle-Holders. These beautiful matte white geometric candleholders have a metallic gold interior which reflects the light from the candle, creating a beautiful glow.

wp-1473119042731.jpgHere’s a close up of the inside… I feel like they work really well in a super modern home, as well as adding some glam to a more traditional home. They looked perfect in my bedroom as it has a mostly white theme to it with accents of gray and pastel shades.


Also included was an Aromasoy Tranquil Sleep Candle, which can be used standalone, or just fits into the largest candleholder. I love the logo/packaging design of the candle.


While it’s more of a mellow, powdery scent than I usually opt for, it’s soft and soothing which is great for bedtime.


Continuing with the metallic gold theme is this dainty Brass Leaf Foliage Dish. I love the precision of the lines and details of this dish and it looks great alongside my new candleholders! You can use it to hold rings and other jewelry, or simply as an accent item.


While the above were the main items of this subscription box, also included were some cute freebies such as a lavender sachet and packet of fresh white mints. While they didn’t go with the home décor theme, they were just cute extras that made me think of being at a luxury hotel.


All in all, this Inspired Room Box had almost $90 value for a price tag of $60-70 (depending on your shipping zone). Sometimes I’m nervous when opting for a fashion or home décor box as I’m worried the contents might not align with my style, however this was spot on. I loved the clean, strong geometric patterns and the beautiful gold leaf items. It’s a tad pricier than I would usually spend each month, however I’d love to do this subscription box a couple times a year for a decor refresh. I also would love to see what she comes up with in the future, perhaps for a living room or bathroom décor.

What do you think of the Inspired Room Box?


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