SnailBox Review

Snailbox is a monthly subscription with three different pricing tiers that includes greeting cards, stationery items and super cute stamps.You can get either the Snailbox Lite box for $10/month which includes 2 Cards, Envelope and Envelope Seals, the Snailbox Classic for $19/month which includes 4 of the above, plus 4 USPS forever stamps, or the Snailbox Premium for $29/month, which includes 5 of the above, plus some stationary items, all with free shipping. Best of all, you can use SNAILMAIL20 for 20% off your first box!

Here’s the first look at the Snailbox Premium box! It’s a small, compact box containing cards, envelopes, stamps, seals, a sharpie and an information card on the artists. I’m not totally sure why it says March/why we received a March box to review, but I loved it anyway.

I thought it was a nice touch to include information about the artists included in the box, as well as where to find out more about them (their website links) so you can purchase items in the future if any meet your fancy.

First up, we have two “Thank You” cards and corresponding envelopes. The first is a floral print card with rounded edges, that comes with a pale blue envelope with a section in the middle where you can write someones name and/or address.

The second, I would consider a “Thank You” card (maybe other people might not) because it’s so classically designed with a humorous “You made my fucking day” slogan across it in gold imprint. This would be perfect for some of my friends/they would get a laugh out of it.

Next up are the birthday cards! The first one is definitely unique.. it features a kid with a pet/alien creature and says,”For your birthday, I got you this very special friend.”

I loveeed this snail card! It definitely goes off the whole “Snail Mail” theme of a belated birthday card that says “Better late than never! Happy birthday!”

My favorite card in the bunch definitely had to be this pineapple card. It’s cute and simple, and blank inside, so you can use it for any occasion!

Here we have a variety of the USPS Forever Stamps  and the Envelope Seals. I loved the floral stamps and seals the best!

You’re supposed to receive a stationary item in each box and while I appreciated this neon orange travel-size sharpie, I didn’t totally understand it. It would have made more sense to include a calligraphy pen, gel pen and/or confetti/glitter to put inside a card. Just my personal thoughts on the matter!

Overall, I did think this was a cute, unique concept, and would consider getting it again. I don’t send cards too often unless it’s a holiday, but with cards this cute, I may consider…

Want to give Snailbox a try? Click here to subscribe now!


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