Nomad Coffee Club

I’m a caffeine addict, it’s true. I have a love for coffee, tea and dark chocolate, and am always looking for the best or newest innovations. Since I also adore subscription boxes, it comes to no surprise that I was more than happy to review Nomad Coffee Club and share my thoughts on their monthly coffee subscription!


Nomad lets you pick the subscription that best suits your lifestyle, and for me, that meant a bag of unique coffee beans, once per month, that arrives via mail in a cute, stamped box. This 8 oz package of whole beans comes from Toronto, but is a blend of Ethiopian beans.


This specific blend was called Worka, an Ethiopian Yirgarcheffe regional coffee that contains tasting notes of coconut milk, apricot and peach. Once it is ground up and brewed, I felt as though it was a very light coffee bean, and had to be brewed extra strong for that morning coffee kick. The flavor was phenomenal, sweet and light, perfect for someone who likes a more sugary, delightful coffee. It served as a great afternoon pick-me-up, but not a wake-me-up morning brew.


Personally, I loved experiencing Nomad Coffee Club as it is a unique and focused subscription service. At $24 per month, it’s definitely pricier than my usual go-to and I think I would run out mid-month, however it would make a great gift for the coffee lover.

If you’re a coffee lover or looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, you can enter code “STYLISH” as the coupon code at checkout to save $3 off all packages!


xoxo, Kenzie

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