Healthy Eating Resolutions

Eating healthy can be hard when you’re constantly tempted by Instagram posts, Seamless, your co-workers lunches, birthday cupcakes and more. But, if you’ve made a resolution to eat healthier or more balanced meals this year, hold tight! There are delicious recipes out there that are easy to make and will fulfill your cravings.

I’m not saying this is a diet plan of any sort (nor am I a dietician) but a way to plan out some delicious meals that will fill you up without making you feel weighed down or busting the buttons of your pants. Check out some of my favorite healthy eating recipes and blogs here, from super salads, savory soups, protein-packed smoothies and more!


Breakfast is a tough one for me; I’m constantly craving bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese and sugary lattes. Once in a while, I’ll treat myself, but day-to-day, I need to make better decisions for important meal, as it fuels your entire day! If you’re craving eggs, mix up an egg white and veggie omelette or this Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Breakfast Bake from SkinnyTaste. Oatmeal is a great choice, as it’s full of fiber and is a hearty, filling meal. Stray away from the boring, sugary oatmeals packs and opt for something like this Loaded Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl from Averie Cooks. If you want delicious oatmeal but are often in a rush each morning, opt for overnight oats! These Peanut Butter Overnight Oats from The Minimalist Baker combine creamy peanut butter, almond milk, oats and optional add-ins like chia seeds, berries or bananas.

Lunch and Dinner

Soup is usually hearty, filling and full of vegetables, so why not make your own!? Put down that can of soup and try out this Easy 30-Minute Minestrone from Averie Cooks  or Butternut Squash Carrot Orange Soup by The Vintage Mixer. Best of all, you can always customize the veggies you’re putting in! Hate spinach? Use escarole instead! Sweet potatoes instead of butternut squash? They have similar profiles and flavors. Have some cannelloni beans in your cabinet instead of kidney beans? Just swap em!

Forget drab salads made up of lettuce, tomatoes and dressing. These kick-ass salads combine flavor combinations that will light up your taste buds and fill you up without feeling heavy and drab. For a bright, citrus-packed salad, make this Spicy Shrimp and Citrus Salad from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Or if you’re craving something sweet with berries, this Cranberry Apple and Blue Cheese Salad from Averie Cooks will knock your socks off. Or if you want a combination of sweet, savory and salty, this Harvest Cobb Salad from Damn Delicious combines the best of all worlds. Just be sure to make and eat all of these in moderation/correct portions, and you’ll enjoy your meal much more than usual.

Stir-fry is not only quick, but easy! Plus, you can always mix and match ingredients based on what’s in your cabinet or fridge. This 15-Minute Shrimp, Snow Pea and Ginger Stir Fry from A Beautiful Plate is a one-pan meal that has a good mix of protein and vegetables without being too complicated. No snow peas? Toss in broccoli, asparagus, or other greens you have on hand! Or for a more protein-heavy stir fry, try this Skinny Honey Lemon Chicken Stir Fry from Gimme Some Oven which is a lighter, yet flavor-packed version of an orange or lemon chicken.

Guilty Cravings

For when you really can’t help yourself and need something a bit gluttonous, here’s my “make this, not that” knock-off section!

Chicken Nuggets are a real comfort food. They remind you of being young and carefree, and also hit the spot when you need something quick, easy and tasty. Instead of fast food, deep-fried nuggets, opt for these Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets from Skinny Taste or Panko Baked Chicken Nuggets from EatGood4Life.

Lighten up your mac and cheese with one of these homemade macaroni and cheese dishes, such as Skinny Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese by SkinnyTaste or cut out of the cream by using greek yogurt in this yummy Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac n Cheese from Cooking Ala Mel.  

Dips and Snacks

Put down the potato chips and creamy french onion dip, and instead opt for dips that contain fresh, wholesome ingredients like this Sriracha Hummus by Damn Delicious. Dip in carrot, cucumber or red pepper strips, or make your own pita chips, quick and easy in the oven! Lighten up guacamole with this Guacamole with Greek Yogurt Dip from Floating Kitchen. Get the same flavor you love, but cut the fat down per scoop.

Smoothies don’t have to contain ice cream and sugar Opt for a delicious antioxidant packed smoothie like this Blueberry Pie Smoothie from Averie Cooks. If you want it to have more of a creamy, milky taste and texture, you can swap out juice for milk and/or greek yogurt! For a more tropical vibe, use coconut water! Start your day off right with this Rise and Shine Smoothie from A Beautiful Plate. This banana-bread tasting smoothie is vegan and dairy-free as well! If you’re craving chocolate, this Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie from The Lemon Bowl will be sure to hit the spot, combining the creaminess of bananas with the luscious chocolate flavor you’ve been missing.


Do you like bananas? How about chocolate? Seriously, you can’t not like chocolate. These rich Skinny Banana Fudge Muffins by Our Best Bites, with whole grains and zero butter or oil are your new go-to! Satisfy that sweet tooth for about 100 calories! Love protein bars or oatmeal bars with nuts, fruits and/or chocolate? These preservative free Oatmeal Raisin Larabars from Chocolate-Covered Katie are not only easy to make, but essentially full of raw, nutrient-packed ingredients. Lemon bars are delicious and zesty. However, they often have a ton of sugar, butter and cream. These Greek Yogurt Lemon Bars by Sally’s Baking Addiction come in at 130 calories per square and a whole lot of flavor. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies; it’s basically engraved into your mind when you’re born. But, most of these cookies are packed with sugar and butter. These Cookie Dough Babies (Balls) from Chocolate-Covered Katie are created from a combination of dates, cashews, chocolate chips and vanilla extract, with a hint of salt. Simple, easy and delicious.  

Have any recipes to add to the list? Or tips on staying on track with your healthy eating decisions? Be sure to leave in the comments!


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