Ipsy Glambag ~ September 2014


I was really slacking this month when it came to Ipsy… It was a combination of just being so busy with work and then not too excited by the spoilers, so I decided not to do the “full reveal” and instead wait for my Glambag to arrive to see the contents.


The theme for this month is Street Style. Going along with the theme of NYFW and the many street style blogs, this month had a “rocker” type gunmetal bag with studs. I thought it was a really cute concept and like the theme, however I wish the bag had a handle or was more rectangular like a clutch.

Now onto the items! 


First we have LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light, which is a gluten free, vegan and all natural multi product, basically a toner, serum and moisturizer in one.  I personally can be skeptical when it comes to my facial care products, and I just wasn’t loving the look of the bottle and the overall idea of it. I’d prefer to get a higher end skincare brand/product, but will give it a try.


Next up, I believe this is a sample size of the Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eyeliner: and while I’m usually a fan of Pacifica, like their lotions and body products, I am not liking this brown eyeliner at all. I would have preferred a bolder color like burgundy, plum, navy, etc.


Here we have a deluxe sample of Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Hair Mask. I am a huge fan of hair masks, and so I was excited to try this one out. It’s not my favorite and I don’t think it moisturizes the way Carole’s Daughter masks do, but it’s OK for getting as a deluxe sample.


Here we have a dual-sided Crown Crease Shadow Brush. While I don’t really need/use eyeshadow brushes as I’m more of a finger-oil-blending girl, but I did like that this was double-sided and came in two sizes.


Finally, we have Hikari Cabernet Lipstick, which is hands down my favorite item in this month’s Ipsy Glambag! I basically was not a fan of the rest of the items, but by getting this beautiful wine-pink shade of lipstick, I was instantly turned around. Definitely recommend!


Best of all, I redeemed some of my Ipsy Points and got this FULL-SIZE Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer in Clear! This light-weight, oil-gel feeling formula made with vitamins A and E, jojoba oil and grape seed oil fills in lines and wrinkles, prevents collagen breakdown, tightens pores and gives you an overall flawless, smooth base for applying makeup. It seriously feels like silk and makes my face feel amazing.


Final Thought:  This was a pretty low-priced Ipsy Glambag and wasn’t really customized to my liking. Unfortunately, I am just not too fond of some of the face/hair items, and was a little bummed out to see another eyeliner and in a brown shade. I will definitely be using my beautiful burgundy red lipstick and was more than happy to get the primer I redeemed with my points however.


If you want to sign up for your own Ipsy Glambag, click HERE.

Or, if you want to see other past reviews, click here!


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