Greys, Neutrals and Pastel Leather

Fall/Winter 2014 Trends: Greys, Neutrals and Pastels


Fall is officially here, telling by the weather and breezy gusts of wind, and today was the first day I had to break out a sweater and say goodbye to my sandals and tank tops. I recently have been browsing around, trying to find some fall staples and have been noticing quite a few trends emerging, fairly different from the usual burgundy nails and brown riding boots…

1. Pastel is here to stay, but in a bit of a different sense than seen this Spring or Summer. I’ve been seeing a ton of pastel leather jackets- that same hardware-decorated, fierce leather jacket you own in black or brown, but now in these light shades of eggshell, blush, violet and jade green. Hand-in-hand are the purses and handbags in matching shades- very structured and poised–the era of the slouchy bag has passed.

2. Gray/Grey – No matter how you spell it, I’m seeing it everywhere! Hell, I’m even wearing a marbled gray-knit sweater with zipper accents today. I love the various shades of it- light, medium, dark, marbled, threaded amongst each other and allowing your other accessories to pop instead. I usually opt for a grey top, paired with a skirt, black leggings or skinny jeans, but I have my eye on a structured grey satchel handbag. Perhaps you’ll see me carrying one around by next month!

3. Neutrals – Taupe, Tan, Beige – As with grey, this various neutral shades are everywhere! Whether you pair a blush-taupe set of booties with a simple outfit, or opt for a beige handbag to draw attention to a bold, printed outfit, it is definitely one of my new favorite color trends. Instead of purchasing sweaters in shades of oxblood, navy and emerald green, I find my eye drawn to these taupe knits, beige cardigans and blush-taupe accessories.

What trends are you loving this season? Click the image above to see my top picks!

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