POPSUGAR MustHave ~ June


POPSUGAR Must Have always includes a unique variety of items each month including fashion, fitness, beauty, health and general lifestyle items. While each box is open to interpretation (some people love a box one month while others are turned off by it), it definitely fits the bill of a box where you get products with more value for your money. P.S. You can use promo code JUNESELECT10 to save $10 on a 3-month subscription or REFER5 for $5 off your first box.


This month, POPSUGAR changed up their packaging and card insert. It’s nothing dramatic, but I do slightly miss their hot pink tissue paper. The information card is a bit more eco-friendly though!


Now, onto the goodies…


First, we have a hardcover version of The One and Only (Value $28). I was so excited to see this, right on top of everything! I love to read, plus am always looking for a great new author or beach read.


I don’t really get the obsession with Turkish towels, but this Turkish T Towel (Value $32) is pretty cute. I wish it was a larger/full-size beach towel, or that it matched my bathroom or kitchen colors, but I’ll figure out a way to use or gift it…


This Sachajuan Body Lotion in Shiny Citrus (Value $24) is a so-so for me… Personally, I wouldn’t pay $24 for any body lotion, but it does have a nice summery citrus scent. The packaging is pretty boring and plain, but the brand apparently uses quality products like minerals and proteins from sea algae to help moisturize and hydrate skin.


I currently have one of these Lollies Hair Ties (Value $8) on my wrist! They’re super cute because they look like trendy bracelets, but they’re actually hair elastics. Thumbs up POPSUGAR.


You Smell Wet Wipes (Value $5) are a lemony-scented wipe that is good for cleansing and refreshing. They will be perfect for the warm weather when you start to get sweaty. I especially like that they’re made with aloe, individually wrapped so they’re good for travel, and the cute packaging design.


 While I wish this was a larger bag (like last month’s Hi I’m Skinny Sticks), I really liked the Hawaiian BBQ flavor of these One Potato Two Potato Kettle Chips ($1~$2) and the fact that they use all natural ingredients.


I’m not a fan of giftcards unless they cover the entire purchase, and this Native Union $15 Coupon Code Voucher requires you to pay for shipping so I’m on the border of whether I’ll use it or not… I don’t have an iPhone either (and many of the products are more geared toward them) so next time, POPSUGAR, I would recommend an actual product or a gift card toward jewelry, snacks, or something else unique.


Although this isn’t my absolute favorite POPSUGAR Must Have box, I really like the summer theme to it (Hawaiian bbq chips, citrus wipes, citrus lotion, etc…) and that they included a heavy-duty hardcover book by a well-known author. It’s often hard to pick a book that the majority will like, but I definitely approve. If I could custom DIY this box, I would swap the Turkish Towel for a beach towel or sarong, make the Kettle Chips bag bigger and give an item instead of the Native Union voucher. However, I totally loved the hair ties and wipes (and book like mentioned before!).

What did you think of the June POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Sign up for your own here, and don’t forget you can use promo code JUNESELECT10 to save $10 on a 3-month subscription or REFER5 for $5 off your first box.


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