Luna For You ~ March


My Luna for You Box arrived and I was not sure what to expect. I’d seen a few reviews of this beauty subscription box, however it was new for me and Stylish in Suburbia. Similar to the beauty subscriptions like Ipsy and Birchbox, Luna for You runs at $10 per month and offers 5-6 makeup-related items, yet it seems to be aimed at a slightly younger audience.


They send their monthly subscription box in a small, lightweight cardboard envelope-like package, within a USPS Priority Mailer.

Now, onto the details…


First up, we have a Stila Eye Shadow Duo. This duo is called “Fandango” and is comprised of a light lime green shade next to a bronzy brown. While I love the colors, I’m a little bit confused because although it has the traditional Stila packaging, if you look closely at the plastic container, the two eyeshadow half moons do not fit next to one another.. they’re slightly too big for the package. (Discontinued- Value $3-10, depending on seller)


Next, we have this French Lace Perfume Styk in Cherry Blossom. I loveee the packaging: the floral simple coral and white design, and that the perfume is a stick rather than liquid. However, I’m not too fond of the smell: it reminds me of baby powder, rather than flowers or a floral-outdoorsy scent. (Clearance- Value $2-6, depending on store)


I’m not sure if it’s the company or mailman/usps at fault, but as soon as I opened the brown cardboard mailer, I had glitter on my hands. I realized that this Wet n’ Wild Mega Shimmer Powder was not totally screwed shut, and the plastic seal that declares a product as new and unused, was not on the product, so the lid was all filled up with glitter powder. I personally would not purchase this and was a little disappointed by how it looked used and was partially opened, but will save it for Halloween. (Value- $3 at Drugstores)


I also received Wet ‘n Wild Double-Ended Eyeshadow Applicators. I tend to use my fingers when applying my own eyeshadow, but these can come in handy every now and then. In terms of value, they’re lower end, but can still be used to either apply eyeshadow or with eye makeup remover like a Q-tip. (Value $1-2, from Drugstores)


Finally, we have Essence Star Nail Art Tattoo Stickers! I think this was the most promising item in the box because they were brand new (weren’t worried about usage) and I’ve been getting into nail art lately. (Value- $2, from Drugstores)



I try to be as honest as possible when it comes to my reviews, and so, Luna for You is just not right for me. All in all, the value of the items bordered the price of the subscription and the majority of the items were either discontinued, clearance or low-end drugstore buys which I wouldn’t get on my own. I will definitely be using the Essence Nail Art Tattoos, and recommend for them to include products like nail polish and nail art, however I was skeptical about whether the Stila and Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows/powders were previously used or altered with, and would have liked to see an information card and some higher-end, reliable brands.

What do you think about Luna for You? If you’re interested, sign up here.


2 thoughts on “Luna For You ~ March

    • I would say I prefer BirchBox better because of the brand quality, however, they only send samples. All in all, I would recommend Ipsy because you get 4-6 products and usually half of them are full-size or high-end brands!

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