My Community Box ~ Beta Box

My Community Box opened for a brief period of time, and decided they would rather take a hiatus rather then send out an “unfinished” box or rush to get their boxes out. So, when they re-opened, I was overjoyed to see that they had sent me their Beta Box to review.


My Community Box sends out a specially-curated box of Hampton Roads products and services, which can include anything from snacks to skincare to local gems.  Unlike other companies, they bill ($30) every 3 months from your join date and you will receive your box quarterly (January, April, July and October). For those who don’t know, Hampton Roads is not the Hamptons in New York, but rather an area made up of Norfolk, Newport News, and Virginia Beach.


It arrived in a priority mail shipping box, and had another box with packaging inside it!

I eagerly unpacked box to open up to a smaller, custom box inside.


The packaging was very cute and well-put together. They had an all-pink theme from the wrapping paper to the information card, and everything was neatly put together.


I like that they listed the items included, where they are from and an approximate pricing guide too!

Now, onto the good stuff…


Beach Shell Candles by Piece of Mine Gifts of Norfolk, VA ($2, $1 each)These two cute candles came inside actual seashells, with their edges filed down so they can sit flat on a counter. I definitely think they’re more “for show” than to light and get a prominent scent from, and think I’ll put them in my bathroom for looks as they match the decor.


Natural Journey Whipped Smoothie ($12.00): This cute jar is a shea butter and cocoa butter-blended moisturizer that can be used on any part of your body. Usually, with thicker cremes, I focus on my knees, elbows, hands and cuticles, as those are the driest parts of the body. The packaging is great, and I can’t wait to check out more about the company.


Military Greeting Cards -A Navy Heart ($12.00 for 3): These handmade cards are military-related in terms of their design and make. As you can tell from the main image (pictured above), they included some Father’s Day’s card designs. I like them because they are definitely unique and different than a generic Hallmark card… much more effort and love put into them!


 Southern Fried Chick Lemon Coconut Bars (~$1.33): These lemon and coconut bars are definitely different from your typical cookie or brownie. It doesn’t have a defined square shape, so at first, I actually thought it was an exfoliating soap! The texture is much chewier and has a homemade feel to them (so if you like your cookies crunchy, this might not be for you) and I have to admit, the lemon and coconut balance each other well. I would have liked to see bigger pieces and better packaging, as this doesn’t look like it would stay very fresh for very long in the current plastic bag.


Discover Teas Creamy Earl Tea ($1.00): I was hoping that the flavor of this tea would be more adventurous, as Earl Grey is kinda boring to me, however it does bring fond memories of my Grandparents. I would like to see different flavors or larger samples in the future.


Overall, I really love the concept of these local boxes, filled with unique products and snacks from small boutiques and locally-run stores.  In terms of value, the contents border the selling price of $30, so it’s not so much of a “get $50 for $25” type of box where you pay less and get more, but instead offers local and hard-to-find items to people all around the country.  I’m not sure that I can afford to get every box, but it would be nice once in a while. I love the shell candles the most and really appreciate the cards as well.

What do you think of My Community Box? If you are interested in trying one for yourself? Simply click here.


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