Casual Weekend Wear

Casual Weekend Wear
It’s almost the weekend, and you’re starting to plan out your agenda, whether it includes working from home, working a second job, boozy brunching with the girls, errands or one of the various other options. If you chose to relax and run errands or get work done at home, how often do you find yourself in that same reliable pair of black yoga pants, hoodie and Ray Ban sunglasses, bordering between comfort and laziness? You don’t want to get “all dolled up” or “waste an outfit,” right? I get it. But with a simple go-to outfit like this, made of flattering cuts and soft fabrics, it’s easy to look stylish while also being casual and comfortable!

My recommendation? Throw on a pair of Hudson Skinny Jeans–ripped or not–in a medium to dark rinse, so that they’re slimming and appealing. Forget a tight, fitted top or an oversize pullover sweater and opt for this soft knit River Island Cream Striped Tunic. Then, tie it all together with a simple pair of kicks, like these TOMS Red Classic Slip-ons (P.S., TOMS will donate a pair to someone in need, so you’re basically helping a great donation cause by purchasing these).

For accessories, keep it simple! Opt for a neutral cross-body bag like this Forever21 Refined Faux Leather Crossbody Bag: big enough to carry what you need, but not overwhelming and bulky. Toss on a pair of shades like these unique Illesteva Leonard Leopard-Print Round-Frame Sunglasses which give you an edge with the animal print design. Feel naked without some jewelry? Go classic with some bangles or a chain-style chunky bracelet like this Juicy Couture Link Bracelet.

Guaranteed compliments, and it’s so easy and convenient! What do you like to wear on the weekends?


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