Little Black Bag ~ Spring Neutrals


Since I really enjoyed my first experience with Little Black Bag (see here), I decided to open up another bag recently! Little Black Bag gives you the opportunity to pick out and purchase an item, such as a bag, shoes or piece of jewelry, often much lower than market price, and get two surprise freebies within the bundled price! Then, once you pay and your surprise items are revealed, you have a week to go onto their trading forum and offer traders to obtain other items. Once in a while, I’ve gotten lucky and just loved the surprise items, but every now and then, I jump on the trading forum and find some awesome items in exchange for ones I’m not loving.

Every now and then, I check my e-mails and the website and browse the items, but for a while, everything seemed to be too expensive for my budget. Recently, however, they have been offering better priced bundles, as well as discounts like $10-20 off and free items with any bundle you open! So, I went for the leap and was definitely happy with the results…


This beautiful London Fog Andee Satchel came in two color option: camel or black, but since I already have a black London Fog Knightsbridge Tote (see here), I decided to go for this warm, neutral camel color. This bag has a market price of $150.00, and anywhere I’ve tried to buy it online, the cheapest I’ve found is $90, so I definitely got a steal!


I took a few close-ups to help you better see the color, stitching, accents and why I love this bag! Each London Fog bag comes with a little LF keychain hanging off of it.


It has a zipper so it fully closes (perfect for commuting to work) and it has such a nice structured look to it as it stands up on its own, and has the choice of regular handles or a shoulder strap.


Next up is this gorgeous sheer The Accessory Collective Ivory Lace Scarf. I originally received this infinity scarf as one of my mystery items in black. but I already had two black scarves at home (one thin, and one a thick winter scarf) so I decided to swap for a different color.


I tried to get a bit closer so you could see the lace material and pattern within the scarf.


The final surprise item was a heart-shaped necklace that was just not my style, so I opted for this stephan & co. Elephant Necklace instead! In terms of price, it was ‘worth’ a bit less than my original item, but I thought it was cuter and I would actually wear it.


All in all, I loved my Little Black Bag! I chose all neutral-tone items that are easy to match with both Winter colors (as the Winter is coming to an end) and also with my new Spring colors and patterns! Best of all, there was a promotion going on, so I got $10 off my purchase! It was definitely exciting and enticing to get such great, high-quality and fashionable items at a less expensive cost.

While I don’t get Little Black Bag every month, I think you get the most for your money when you wait for deals and get to pick and choose an item that you absolutely love. What do you think about Little Black Bag? Sign up for your own here and get 25% off your first purchase!


2 thoughts on “Little Black Bag ~ Spring Neutrals

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