Little Black Bag ~ The First Purchase!


Ever heard of Little Black Bag? Perhaps you contemplated signing up but didn’t want to get stuck in some reoccurring billing process and are not a big fan of surprises? Yeah, I was in the same boat. However, I did my research and learned more about and saw the products and brands they advertise and totally pulled a 180. Now I’m addicted.

How does it work? You start out by signing up as a VIP using this link, and find one item you love: a bag, clutch, pair of shoes, scarf, etc. You add that item to your cart and pay a reduced fee for it. I usually tend to get items worth $100+ for between $40-60 per order, but you can get more/less expensive items pending your style. Then two ‘surprise’ items are added to your bag and you can only see the Brand and Approx. Pricing. Of course, I tend to cheat and try to get a sneak peek at the items by looking up the different items each brand offers and matching the prices.

Then you buy it! Now comes the fun part….

You get to swap the items you don’t want with other LBB VIPs. Depending on how ‘loved’ your item is that you want to swap, you may be able to exchange it within 10 minutes, or it may take 10 hours. However, you have almost a week to swap so it gives you time.


This month, I chose this lovely Black London Fog bag. I was just absolutely in love, and spent a good hour trying to decide if I wanted it in Black or Camel. It reminds me of the Celine Leather Mid-Size Tote Bag, which I am obsessed with, however Celine’s run at $4,000 a pop so that was not an option. I am so happy with my decision, especially at the fact that I got a $150 bag at 1/3 of the price!

With signing up for the VIP program and $15 off my first purchase, I had a steal, getting this bag plus two mystery items for $60.

Unfortunately, I did not love my mystery items…. At all. For about 4 days, I traded my sub-par beaded necklace and friendship-style bracelet for a few different items, and finally ended up with these beauties!


I got a pair of Lydell NYC dangling earrings, with a slight gold-mustardy color. Originally I wasn’t 100% sold on the color, but when I saw them in person, I fell in love. The other pair of earrings are by Robert Rose and they are dangly posts that have a ‘faded color’ design as they fade from light coral to deep red.

All in all, for the price, quantity and quality I am really happy with my decision. Now, I have the tricky decision of whether I should buy another this month or skip to save some $$ until October…


xo, Kenzie

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