Naked Nails

Naked Nails
Naked Nails by kenziedegen featuring: 


One of the hot trends going on right now happens to be neutrals.. and not in terms of shoes or sweaters, but in shades of nail polish! While deep oxblood and navy blues ruled the roost for the past month or two, now everywhere I turn, whether it’s a fashion blog photo shoot, TV show or to my friends, I’m seeing an increase in light pinks, tans, taupes, and other natural “skin-tone” shades. Why the sudden burst in popularity? For those of us who have shorter nails, these beige tones can help make your nails look longer and smoother; if you happen to rock naturally longer nails, they give off a clean, sophisticated vibe. So, I’ve rounded up my favorites, from almost-invisible pale pink to bolder taupes and almost-but-not-quite-light browns so you can find the one that best fits your budget and color preference!

Which is your favorite? I could definitely see myself painting on Modern Love with some sparkles on an accent finger, or perhaps Pale with some black contrast polka dots!


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