BuluBox WeightLoss ~ January


So although I missed out on the December BuluBox (forgot to renew!) my January one arrived and I was super excited! BuluBox is great because it’s super cheap (always 50% off with my code BULUGAN782) and filled with great workout, health and fitness sample packs.


Here’s the first look into the box! I liked that they stuck with an appropriate snowy winter theme, and that they include an information card with the products, plus cards for discounted items and purchases.


First up we have Truderma Mangodrin, a 1-month supply (full-size!) of an ‘extreme’ mango-based formula for energy and weight loss. It contains ingredients like caffeine, nettle leaves, green tea extract and other ingredients to curb cravings and help with weight loss (and added energy to workout). I’m a little skeptical with some weightloss supplements and products that claim you can lose 30 lbs. just like that, but will definitely be testing this out to see if it does have an effect. I checked out GNC for some reviews and they varied from ‘so much extra energy’ to ‘didn’t work or upset my stomach,’ but then again, it also depends on your diet, exercise, etc…


Here we have a sample size packet of Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil in Peak EPA. It is a non-fishy tasting supplement that apparently contains 1000mg of EPA+DHA, 4x more Omega-3 than regular strength fish oil and a ‘Peak’ dose of 750mg of EPA. Basically, it is supposed to increase Omega-3 levels (healthy fats) in human muscle tissue and red blood cells for overall heart and body health.


FocusUp is a sample-sized supplement that is supposed to help with focus, concentration, memory and mental energy. Made with zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, etc and containing Vitamin B12, Green Tea, and other hard-to-pronounce but apparently healthy ingredients. Fingers crossed it gives me energy and focus without the jitters!


I LOVE Smarty Pants Gummies! I received a few backs of the original sour style in previous boxes, and so I was excited to see this in my BuluBox. This packet contains 6 little gummies, which is considered 1 serving of complete vitamins for the day. This sample happens to be of the weight-maintenance gummies, which are based on their SmartyPants Original formula, but without sugar (no added sugar) and additional fiber.


Finally, we have HELPS Organic R&R, which is a tea that promotes relief from everyday stress, made with lemon balm and passion flower. In general, it has an ‘okay’ taste, nothing I would choose to purchase in the future, but was not as bad as some herb-y teas I’ve had before. 


All in all, I thought my January BuluBox was an okay box. It wasn’t the most mind-blowing, but it did contain some items I liked. I was most excited for the Smarty Pants Gummies, and only wish that they included more than 1 sample of each of the little sample packs. Usually, I need to take a supplement 2-3 times to decide if it works and is beneficial to me. I was pleasently surprised by the full-size/30 day pack of Mangodrin and I only have my fingers crossed that it really works!

Interested in your own BuluBox? Sign up here, and don’t forget to use code BULUGAN782 for 50% off any subscription!

xo, Kenzie

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