Birchbox ~ January


My Birchbox has arrived! I recently received this subscription as a gift, and my first month was my December Box which was pretty nice, but I had not yet filled out the customizable questionnaire. Now that I have, I had my fingers crossed this January box would be even better…


I like Birchbox because it’s only $10 per month and includes a variety of samples: makeup, beauty, skincare, health and wellness and.. snacks!? Yes, they include snacks such as tea bags, chocolate bars and savory bits! Plus, these brown boxes are reusable…


They include an information card specified to your specific box, showing you the products included and their value.


I thought the theme of the information card/overall box was pretty cute, labeled “Go Time” and all about being your best self for a new year.


In each box, they included an ‘extra’ item which was this set of paper cards, each which a cute slogan and design on the front, and BirchBox-related materials on the back. I kinda wish they were postcards with blank backs.


So first up, we have a variety of Ahmad Teas! In general, I would prefer a box with ALL makeup/hair/skin products, however if I had to get a snack or drink, these would be okay with me. They included a few different flavors which is nice, like Apricot Sunrise, English Tea #1 and Mint Mystique. Only thing that could make it better would be some honey sticks!


At first I didn’t think I would like this color, but I am actually digging my Nail Rock Red Nail Glitter Manicure Kit. I actually wish this arrived before Christmas because it would have matched well with my Xmas Eve outfit or for rocking on NYE. Apparently it works pretty easier where you paint your nails with the red polish, roll in the glitter, and let dry!


Many people are talking down about this Serge Normant Dry Conditioner, however I think it’s a very clever product! Many brands make dry shampoos which give your roots a boost, but leave your ends dry and straggly, and so this is supposed to freshen up and smooth the ends of your hair for ‘second-day’ hair styling.


I’m also very intrigued by this product 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara. I got the Black Tea (black) Mascara which I am definitely happy about (please subscription companies, no more browns, ever!) and it smells delicious. If I had to have gotten another color, I would opt for the Blueberry Mascara! I also would love to see this company again, as their serums, cheek tints, green tea cleansers and lip glazes all look desirable.


The final item is a tube of Zenmed Gentle Cleansing Cream which is a gentle yet deep pore face cleanser. I can be picky when it comes to my face creams and washes, but will give it a chance.


In general, I am happy with my January Birchbox. I am loving the scent of the Fruit Pigment mascara (let’s see how well it works!) and the concept of Nail Rock, plus can’t wait to try out the Dry Conditioner. I really hope my future boxes include more makeup products, but definitely give this box a thumbs up.

What do you think of Birchbox? Sign up here for your own box, only $10 per month!

xo, Kenzie


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