PijonBox ~ Winter Break Edition


My PijonBox has arrived! … and I think they may have noticed my thoughts/recommendation on using smaller boxes, because this was about half the normal size. I really love the wording all around the Pijon as well, with cute notes from friends/parents/etc. Normally, the PijonBox is mailed out each month to students and subscribers, but due to the upcoming winter break and whether you go to a school with semesters or trimesters, they opted for a “Winter Break” box! This is great as it enures you don’t have a box filled with food sitting around in your dorm mailbox while you’re home for a month.


Here’s a quick first look into the box.. a few common items, as well as some interesting shaped objects.


Simple enough, the theme was “Winter Break,” and contained items you could use while at school or traveling home and back. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t a “Finals Survival” box, as it has a few items that could definitely double for that.


Are you ready for the goodies?


First up is Frava, a caffeinated fruity drink in Peach Mango flavor! If you figured it out on your own, the name comes from Fruit + Java, and this could definitely help out on a late-night cram session before an exam, or to add some pep in the morning.


Next up… *shout out to Brianna Kelliher* as this is a UNICORN notepad. This Magical Unicorn Pocket Notepad is a cute simple pocket/purse-sized pad good for jotting down notes and reminders, as well as doodling during class.


Here we have Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins! These are DELICIOUS and make you feel like you’re a kid by chewing down these 6 gummies per pack. I really like that they included 4 packages (4 full days worth) rather than 1 dinky sample.


Here’s a set of Richer Poorer Socks in a funky light blue color with geometric designs. They’re mid-calf high, and good for keeping your legs/toes warm in the cold weather under boots.


Here we have two JimmyBars! One is Peanut Butter Clutter and the other named How Bout Dem Apples. Both sound delicious and are great for almost everyone as they are gluten-free, dairy-free and all natural.


Finally, we have a Vapour Reusable Water Bottle. These are pretty cool because they deflate for easy transportation/to fit in bags, and work as well as any normal water bottle. I could use this if I’m going to the gym and don’t want to worry about carrying my water bottle around after, or as a planet-smart alternative to a disposable plastic one.


Here’s my entire PijonBox Winter Break Edition! I loved the Smarty Pants Gummies (trust me, if I can find them at a good price, I’m going to buy more!) and am intrigued by items such as the reusable water bottle, unicorn notepad and caffeinated juice.

What do you all think of this PijonBox? Sign up here now!

xo, Kenzie

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