Vegan Cuts Beauty Box ~ October

imageSo this little simple brown box arrived at my doorstep and I thought to myself, “well this is definitely too small for my new pair of boots,” and so I ripped open the tape and realized it was my October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!


This was my first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, and because I was so impressed with their September Snack Box, I couldn’t wait to delve deeper.


They included this cute Halloween-designed pink and purple information card, which lists all the products and details about each.


I also like that they include this ‘pledge to be cruelty-free’ for those against testing on animals, which is supported by the Humane Society. So, onto the good stuff!


So first up, we have The All Natural Face, which is a silky smooth cream blush in a shade called “Dusty Rose”. Made with Argan oil and Jojoba Oils, it’s nourishing and can be used on either cheeks or lips. I personally like how it looks after swiping it on my lips, and giving a light gloss coat.


This product wins the ‘Best Packaging Award’ in my opinion. Or at least, since it arrived at Halloween-time and fits the spooky style with the sudsy skulls and bones. It’s called Bare Bones Body Care and is an organic skincare for all types of skin. I compare it to toners like witch hazel and think it’s helpful for oily or problematic skin.


Next, we have Concrete Minerals shimmery high-pigmented eyeshadow in a shade which I believe is called Smut, best described as a ‘dirty silver with pink-purple undertones’. This paraben and filler-free product is great because you know you’re not applying a product with tons of harsh chemicals. I wish I got another one of these in another shade (in addition) because I am loving the texture and pigmentation!


Next we have a deluxe-sample pack of Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel. This gel facial moisturizer is great for combo or oily skin types as it is supposed to moisturize skin while fend off acne.


I don’t often take foil packets into price consideration, however I still wanted to review these Earth Science Naturals products. They are fragrance-free and gentle for even the most sensitive scalps. I personally enjoy the fruity and bold scents of my hair care products, but I put these in my travel bag as they’d be good for an overnight trip.


Next up is a vial of a produt called Meow Meow Tweet Body Tonic, and is made with essential oils to help cleanse skin, hydrate and soothe irritated skin. I only wish there was more to test out, but I like it so far.

imageFinally, we have BWC Aromatherapy Shampoo, which was my ‘extra’ in the box. This also was added to my overnight/weekend bag stash as it’s the perfect travel size. I’m not a huge lavender fan, however I will still use this to refresh and cleanse my hair.

Here’s the whole stash! I was pretty happy with this box, specifically the Bare Bones Cleanser and the Concrete Minerals highly-pigmented eyeshadow.


My only disappointment is with the variation of the ‘extra’ product… some customers received items like a giant shea butter block rather than the travel-sized shampoo, which I may have liked more. And, in general, like most beauty bloggers, I’m not a huge fan of getting foil-packet products as they’re usually freebies.

All in all, I recommend this to someone who is concerned about what they put on their skin and about animal-free testing. Interested in signing up for VeganCuts Beauty Box? You can sign up here for that one, or check out last month’s Snack Box here.

xo, Kenzie

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