GlossyBox ~Byrdie Beauty ~ October


My October GlossyBox has arrived, and it’s a special one too! Curated by Byrdie, this box had some to-die-for spoilers, and so I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the items.


They even created a special box, just for this edition! Instead of saying GlossyBox or having their logo on top, it had Byrdies name/logo! I couldn’t wait to dig in and see the rest.


They included some discount codes for Sesha Skincare as well, so I had a feeling that Sesha would be one of the brands included within the box. 40% off of $50 or more is a pretty good deal I have to say (especially if you enjoy the included product). If not, oh well!


And the unpacking begins…


I always love GlossyBox‘s packaging and design- and this month, everything was devoted to Byrdie! I just don’t know what to do with all the boxes I’m cumulating… any ideas?


The information card was helpful as it explained the different products, and had a special written note as well! Now, onto the good stuff…


A few months ago, I received a Bvlgari shampoo, and so I was pleasantly surprised to see another Bvulgari product so soon! This Eau de Cologne (I believe it is le Blanc) While I’m fairly picky with my perfumes, this one does smell good and will make a good gift!


Balance Me Limited Edition Tinted Lip Salve was also one of the items included in this months box. In ‘super soft beige,’ it’s a color made to go with many skin tones as it is a nice rose-nude blend.


I love Fresh products! While I wish one of their lemony-delicious lip balms were also included, I’m excited to try the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream! I don’t really ‘need’ wrinkle and anti-aging creams, but they work as well as any other moisturizer and have free added benefits!


This is what I was most excited about! Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes is an awesome, high-quality volumizing mascara, which of course is one of my favorite types of products to get! The price tag for this alone paid for the entire box! Thanks Byrdie!


Sesha Renu Exfoliating Gel was one of the two options of Sesha products you could have received (the other a facial mask). I really like the concept of this product because I’m very focused on my skincare: which exfoliators I use, moisturizers, etc, and so i’m excited to test this out.


So, here’s the whole gang! I’m really happy with my October Byrdie-Curated GlossyBox: the combination of product types, the quantity, quality and overall feel of it. It makes me feel as though it was well worth the money and I can’t wait to try some of the products out.

Plus you can try to use coupon code BODY and get a full-sized Bodyography Every Finish Powder.

Sign up here!

xo, Kenzie

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