Bulu Box Weight Loss ~ October


My bright little orange box has arrived, making me aware that health and wellness goodies are hidden inside! I almost forgot that I was getting a Bulu Weight Loss Box this month, and so it was a perk to see it at my door step the other day.


Here’s the first look! I popped it open to see some info cards on top from BuluBox and from their brand sponsors.


As usual, they listed all the included products: details about the company, the usage and pricing of full-size items. Plus they threw in a discount card if you want to purchase a yoga/gym bag.


So, the first product was a packet of Burn 360, a fat burner with acai and other antioxidants, that supposedly boosts your metabolism and curbs cravings. I wish they had included 2 or 3 samples so I could test it out for a full 1-2 days, but I will still see if it gives me energy and boosts my metabolism. I’m always looking for good, new thermogenics and fat burners.


Next up we have Beauty Bursts, which are collagen-rich soft chews. I actually enjoyed the taste and consistency of this product, and probably would have slightly liked it more if it was just chocolate rather than mint-chocolate flavored. The complaint I have about them is that when I checked out the box I saw that it was a ‘free sample’ (see image below) and it made me feel a bit cheated out of an item in this months box.


I would have preferred either a handful of these ‘samples’ or an entirely new product added in addition.


Next we have Pocket Protein, a cute squeeze bottle of strawberry-flavored protein gel. While I love the packaging/marketing for this product, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy all the various protein gels/creams/squeeze bottles. I’d rather just blend up a chocolate pb protein shake or go to town on chicken and egg whites.


Then, we have Rootology Nasal Health packs. Perfect timing with all the allergies and colds going around; I will definitely be using these. As a source of non-drowsy allergy medicine, it fights off pollen, dander, dust, mold, pollution and chemicals. I have my fingers crossed it reduces my sneezing and sniffling!


Finally, we have Natural Calm Raspberry-Lemonade Anti-Stress Powder Drink mix. You simply shake this up with water for a calming, de-stressing drink filled with calcium and magnesium. I actually received a similar product in my Conscious Box, but it was a kids version, and while that one was so-so, I like the flavor of this one better. I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy it, but it was nice to try out.


All in all, this was an ‘okay’ BuluBox for me. With the Beauty Chew as a ‘freebie,’ I would have liked to see another item, and perhaps just more in terms of quantity as many of these were just 1-time uses, and you often need to try it a few times to see if it works. I still will continue to get their boxes and hopefully the quality and quantity will increase/stay consistent. Interested in BuluBox? Sign up here, and check out future posts for discount and promo codes!

xo, Kenzie

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