What’s on my… October 20th ~ Weekend Recap and New Boxes

What’s on my mind:


Unfortunately the Islanders didn’t win the game on Saturday, however I still had a fun weekend watching hockey, hanging with K and drinking some pumpkin beers and blue moons.


In terms of subscription boxes and reviews, next week is going to be VERY BUSY! I’m getting all the notifications that my boxes are either being prepared, have shipped out, are en route, etc… and had a whole bunch delivered yesterday. Plus, I have some new ones to review as well! Some, to name a few, are PijonBox and VeganCuts Beauty Box.

What’s on my plate:


Friday was a bit of a cheat/take out food/eat whatever you want kinda day. I just did not feel like packing lunch, nor eating a simple greek yogurt or sandwich. So, I picked up my large vanilla coffee in the morning and thought, ‘hey, why not’ and opted for a roll with eggs and cheese as well. Then for lunch, I picked up some awesome sushi! It was like a sushi bowl/sushi salad/I’m not totally sure how to even explain it… but because of that, I’ve tried to be good this weekend! I made some dips like chickpea cookie dough and light pumpkin cream cheese, and picked up some healthy options at TJ’s.

What’s on my Agenda:

It’s going to be a busy Monday/Tuesday at work.. I can already tell, and so I’m spending today doing lots of blogging for the week.  How are you spending your Sunday?

xo, Kenzie

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