What I’m Loving About Fall!


What do I love about fall? Well, besides the wind chill which sometimes gets out of control, I love everything from the color of the leaves to the pumpkin lattes in their seasonal red cups pouring out of Starbucks like a peak train. You can count me in for pumpkin picking, making apple pies, halloween costume shopping and integrating new ingredients into my meals. The ultimate spices and flavors that remind me of Autumn include cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, cranberries, pumpkins, squash, pecans, caramel and candy corn. Yes, candy corn counts as it’s own category in my book.


So, like how every person has scents, flavors or memories that remind them of a season, they also have colors… and let me say, I am LOVING this years color selection. They always change every so slightly, but tend to repeat themselves or appear in varied tones and patterns. Warm chocolate browns and smooth caramel tan totes are everywhere lately, among the typical little black bags that line the walls. Additionally, burgundy and dark cherry mohagony red seem to be popping up all of the place: hand bags, boots, scarves, you name it.


What are you loving about the fall? Any insight into the winter colors that may be approaching in the next few months?

xo, Kenzie

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