Weekend Recap! Sushi, Pumpkin Beer & Baseball

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend and are having a good week so far… I know I am as I prepare to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight with my crew of PLL-Fanatics. It’s just one of those little things that get you through the week! And so, I’ve decided to share some photos from this weekend for any of those interested in what I do when I’m not working or blogging. 🙂


Friday night was Date Night! K and I went to Harusaki and got an amazing array of sushi. We started out with 22 oz. Sapporo Beers and each chose a soup: mine miso, and his seafood! Then we waited patiently for our sushi to arrive.. and not only did it taste delicious but it looked pretty too! I got a “Love Roll” which was fresh raw tuna wrapped around spicy crunchy crabmeat (no rice) and it came with a fresh salmon sashimi and pineapple salad. K got a fried roll consisting of fried lobster in the middle, covered in rice, mango and yellowtail!


Then the happiest discovery came when we went to pick up a case of beer for the night and we saw… dun dun dun.. PUMPKIN ALES! I know Summer isn’t over yet, and it’s still August, but it was pretty exciting. So I got a case of Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin  Ale and he got Blue Point Pumpkin and we took them over to a party at his friend Goldie’s house.


Saturday, I found myself luckily obtaining 2 Empire Suite Private Box tickets to the Mets Game. Although I’m a Yankees girl, I couldn’t turn down a free game, booze and food… plus it was something fun and entertaining to do.


The view was seriously awesome. We have a dozen seats in our box overlooking third base, and you could easily see everything happening.


Even though the Mets did–to put it nicely– terrible, we did thoroughly enjoy the ShakeShack burgers, fries, shakes and of course… this pyramid of beer! It was so perfectly arranged I just had to take a picture. I finished about half of the coronas, woops.


All in all, I have to say, it was a fun day.  Too bad we didn’t make it on the KissCam.

I’ve been busy for the past day or so, but I’m working on some reviews and should have more posts up for you tomorrow!

xo, Kenzie

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