Splendies ~ August


This simple white bag arrived at ny house, and at first I wasn’t sure what it was. But then, when I checked the label and compared it to my e-mail updates about shipping, I realized it was my Splendies package! Splendies is different from the food, beauty and workout subscription boxes, as it is an underwear subscription! Instead of having to go to the store and pick them out, or order online and pay a ridiculous amount, Splendies sends you a package once per month which includes 3 assorted styles for only $12 per month (which breaks it down to $4 per pair). Plus, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll see an active promo code to get your first box for $8!


So inside the white shipping bag was hot pink tissue paper, all wrapped up around the items for safe delivery.  Side note: I absolutely love undies and probably have about 40 pairs in my drawers, only half of which I wear day-to-day…. and still I cannot get enough!


I unwrapped the tissue paper to see 3 pairs of undies all wrapped up around one another. First thought: I see pink and black and lace, yes! Second thought: I wish there was an info card that had the brands listed, as I just had to go by the tags on each pair.


So here is the first pair. These are inbetween a thong and boyshorts, as they cut smaller than most boyshorts but still offer some coverage. I absolutely love the color combo of hot pink and black, and think they fit perfectly. I’m a fan of lace, so that was another perk, and they were soft to the touch. The only downside is that they are very thin and fragile, that i snagged a bit of lace on my nail just trying them on/off. I’m not sure how long-lasting these will be, but they sure are cute.


At first, I thought these are either fancy granny panties or wedding style undies. I was a little turned off at first, but when I felt how soft they were and tried them on to a perfect fit and style, I was sold. These are definitely good quality and will get usage.


Unfortunately the fuschia lace blends in a bit with the tissue paper, but you can see this lace thong in gray and fuschia with bows happens to be pretty cute. I already own a variety of undies similar to this style and so I was definitely happy to see this in my pack. It fit well (if anything was a little looser), washed well (I worry about lace getting snagged) and will become a part of my go-to collection. I don’t wear boy shorts or full-coverage undies much, so this was probably my favorite of the bunch in terms of wearability!


Here’s the whole set! The majority were good quality, and they all fit very well. I have my fingers crossed that the first pair holds up in the wash/multiple wears, and can definitely say I will use the others. My only recommendation to you, my readers, is to size up. Luckily customer service at Splendies made a note of that, and so I went a size up rather than going down or my original choice. If you normally wear a medium or are in between a medium and large, definitely size up and go for the large. ALSO- if you’re a plus-size girl, they have Volupties, made to fit larger sizes you may not be able to find as easy in stores.

I also would like if they have a customizable option where you check off the types of undies you want to recieve: thongs, bikini, regular, boyshorts, full coverage, etc.

All in all, for the price, this is a pretty good deal. If you look into Victorias Secret or other brands, you most likely can’t get the quality for the price Splendies offers. If you sign up now using the code SPLENDIES that gives you the first month for just $8.

xo, Kenzie

*I received this complimentary package for review purposes* 

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