NibNaks ~ Review and GIVEAWAY!!! Enter NOW! Ends 8/22!


For those of you who may or may not remember, I recieved a package of “Under the Boardwalk” NibNaks healthy snacks in my Juniper box in June this year! (click here to see my review) Since I loved them so much: the combination of flavors of dried pineapple, mango and banana, along with the health-conscious ingredients and lack of additives, Marta da Camara found my blog and asked me to review the whole collection of products, PLUS host a GIVEAWAY (all the way at the bottom of the post! Keep reading! xo)

Marta de Camara is the founder of NibNaks, a company that believes “Eating healthily all of the time can be hard work, especially if you’re not used to doing it, but small changes to your diet, can make all of the difference. By consuming more natural, wholesome ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts and seeds, you’ll have increased energy and help your digestive system stay in tune.  We’ve worked out the best portion serving size and carefully by hand weight each ingredient to get the right balance – a snack is enough to satisfy and keep you feeling full and avoid temptations for a bag of cookies.”


In terms of quality and ingredients: NibNaks are all low-calorie, and contain no added sugar, no preservatives, are high in fiber and a good source of vitamins and minerals. PLUS for those of you with food allergies or who have to watch what you eat, they are also gluten-free!


Each variety has such a unique name like this one: Crancherry Tart, which is a combination of dried cherries, cranberries and natural almonds! Each package is 1 serving size, this one weighing in at 168 calories. Now you’re probably thinking this is high- HOWEVER almonds are beneficial to the human body in so many ways: they lower bad cholesteral, build strong bones and teeth, they provide healthy fats and so much more. Plus this mix if a good combo of sweet and nutty, chewy and crunchy!


Apple Cosmo is a pure-fruit mixture, made up of dried apple rings, raisins and cherries, and weighs in at only 90 calories, woohoo! This combo of flavors and fibers is definitely one of my favorites. They are just sweet enough without additives, and the perfect snacking size for when you need a pick-me-up.


I was really excited to try this blend called Sundance because of the chocolate covered sunflower seeds! While the chocolate and seeds do up the calorie count a bit more than the fruit-only blends (140 calories), I think this is the perfect combo of chocolately, salty and sweet due to the raisings and dried mango pieces. It really hits the spot and curbs every craving.


Under the Boardwalk was the first flavor that I have tried and still is one of the best! While I’m not a huge fan of banana (just the flavor in general, regardless of if it is dried, blended, mushy, etc) I absolutely adore tropical fruit and so I think the combo of dried mango and pineapple is perfect! I would definitely choose dried fruits (only 90 cals) like these over sugar gummy bears because they taste just as good and don’t give you that sugar crash later on.


Lastly we have Aloha, which is a blend of dried Pineapple, Banana and Raisins and weighs in at only 80 calories! This combo is a bit sweet and tropical, while also having that bite from the raisins. Chock-full of fiber and healthy no-additive ingredients, Aloha is definitely the ‘lightest’ blend of the bunch. Like the others mentioned before, I love dried pineapple and raisins so I will definitely enjoy this bag as well, and pass my bananas onto Kevin!


If you visit their website, you can learn all about their story and the different package options that they have to offer. You can easily order online and get “The Fan” which contains 1 of each 5 flavors, an “8-Pack” of your favorite flavor (which is what I’m giving away!!!), The Foodie for $39.95 (20 packs), The Family for $59.95 (30 packs) or finally, the “Just Fruit” for $59.95 (30 of Fruit-Only Packs)


I absolutely loved NibNaks and I think you will too! NOW, not only do I have this GIVEAWAY for you on my blog and their Facebook, but you can also sign up for the NibNaks e-newsletter (sign up on their homepage) and get $5 off your first order from their website! 



Giveaway closes at midnight on August 22, and Winner will be revealed the following day!

xo, Kenzie

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