ChicShave ~ June 2013

Ever heard of The Dollar Razor Club? Well, ChicShave is exactly that, but for women!

Picture 12

It’s such a simple concept, but so smart and convenient! You sign up for a plan, and the first time you order, they mail you out this cute package containing 1 razor handle + 2 blades. Once you’re a ‘repeat’ customer, you just get 2 blades, once per month that fit on your new razor handle.

photo 1

The packaging was cute and simple- a hot pink envelope!

photo 3

The three options relate to drugstore brands like Venus and Gillette, and now I can vouch after using the “Pink Lady” razor that it works as well if not better than a Venus razor. The “Lady’s Man” razor is perfect for the girl who’s always stealing her mans razor!

photo 2

While it’s not a “surprise” subscription box, it’s a cool concept and makes sure you never run out of razors. PLUS: right now you can get your first order for 50% off ($4.50) by using the code SPRING

Has anyone else tried ChicShave!?

xo, Kenzie

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