Julep Maven Box- May 2013

Hi all! Sorry for the delay with this post, especially as it is for the May box, but work got pretty crazy as I had to plan a retreat for 150 people and of course had lots of last minute changes. AND my pictures that I originally took got ruined so I’m working off some ‘eh’ quality pictures + ones from Julep.com

I loooove to get my nails done, and I guarantee if you ever notice my Instagram photos or see me, I never have the same color twice. That also goes for designs: sometimes I get leopard print, others glitter, polka dots, etc… you name it, I’ve done it. And so that’s why the Julep Maven box seemed quite appealing to me.

I registered, luckily, with a free promo code for an Intro Box (see the image at the bottom of my post for more details!) so I only had to pay the $3.99 for shipping on my first box. In order for them to figure out which colors suit your personality and style, they have you take a test and give you a “profile”. Originally, I was labeled a “modern beauty” but when looking through the different colors and options, I opted toward the “Bombshell profile” as it contained two awesome polish colors + a mascara (seriously… I can never get enough eyeliner or mascara).


So here was my beautiful box, once I opened the case up! The packaging was too cute- the black and pink combo, with the nail polishes securely wrapped up within the hot pink case. Definitely a good first impression.

Picture 4Next up were the polishes! I received this gorgeous bold polish of which Julep named “Petra”- I would have to say it’s a mix of a purple and burgundy, with a dash of shimmer to catch the light. It is definitely my color for anyone who knows me… I’m pretty sure I have 3 shirts this color, a dress, etc.

Picture 7

The other color, called “Yumi,” is a very glitzy color, definitely for going out or a New Year’s Eve party… something a little crazier than day-to-day in the office. You can even layer it over a pre-existing color if you want to be more eye-catching.

Finally, they threw in my ‘special item’ which can range from another nail polish or a lotion to a makeup product like I received: MASCARA! Nothing to complain about here 🙂

Plus, they threw in a few cute extra items, like a Julep branded nail file and some nail polish remover wipes!

Picture 8The only down-side, in my opinion, to this box is that if you get your nails done in a salon, they tend not to like polishes brought in from home/only try to use certain brands like Essie, OPI, Color Club, etc. And so I will definitely be using these polishes for my toes, but for my nails (I have acrylic tips!) I will have to get them done with coordinating colors, or something that contrasts in just the right way!

Now here’s the cool thing! You can sign up and get your first box FREE too, just like me! Just click the image below, enter the code in before checkout and all you have to pay for is shipping. 🙂

Free Julep

I’m Baaaaaaaaaack! The Re-Launch of Stylish in Suburbia

Happy Monday everyone! And by that, I mean I hope you stayed tough through that first day back in work/class after a never-long-enough weekend!

So, you’re probably confused as to what happened to my blog. Did Mackenzie fall off the face of the earth? Did she give up on it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Right around the time I launched Stylish in Suburbia, I was applying to 38457595 jobs and finally landed one and threw all my time and energy into it. Now that I’ve gotten over much of the chaos of my new-found career, I’m devoting my time and effort to get back to doing what I love: blogging!

So, I am re-launching Stylish in Suburbia with a few new twists. I will still continue to post my rambles and insight about the day-to-day life of a working fashionista, the new clothing and beauty products I can’t keep my hands off, and a few photoshoots from time to time. However, I will also be adding something different and quirky: I’m going to review some of the amazing beauty and fitness boxes I’ve been receiving via mail. On a whim, I signed up for Ipsy about 6 months ago, and I’ve been head over heels for it! Out of all the bags I’ve received so far, I’ve managed to score some awesome products like St. Tropez Bronzing Cream, NYX loose mineral eyeshadow, and Lash Cards (perfect for not covering my eyelids in mascara!). These products are only few among the many I’ve received so far, and I don’t plan on cancelling anytime soon.

Instead, I’m going ALL OUT and signing up for a variety of different boxes, from BuluBox and Love With Food to Julep and Beauty Army. So, I hope you’ll join me for the journey as I continue to post my favorite outfits, styles, and trends to reviewing these surprise boxes, and even more under the sun! I don’t plan on leaving anything out, so if you have any requests, or questions feel free to comment or e-mail me. AND if you would like me to review a box, I would be more than willing! Who doesn’t love free stuff PLUS helping others make the right decisions about purchases.



Mackenzie May 2013