Glimmer & Glitz: Home Decor Under $50

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Panther Legwear Giveaway!

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Bon Voyage ~ Vacation Time


Well all, it’s time for me to head out for my vacation! I do have 2 pre-planned blog posts that will be coming out this week, however I will away on a European Getaway, cruising throughout Spain and Italy for the next 10 days so I will not be able to post, comment or open any new boxes until I return.

I hope you’ll all check out my new posts, as well as feel free to comment n them and share with your friends!

I have a whole boat-load (get it, get it? Boat-load, going on a cruise..!?) of boxes arriving between this week and the next 2-3 weeks, so be prepared for some major Subscription Box reviews, “What’s on my…” posts, vacation pictures and more!!!

P.S. Happy 4th of July!

xo, Kenzie