Memebox Superbox #58 Lipstick Box


If you’re a lipstick junkie, raise your hand! I have an obscene amount of lipstick brands and colors, some in my purse as daily colors, others on my dressing table for every once in a while, and some still packages and not even touched because I’m running out of room! So, of course when I saw that Memebox was coming out with an exclusive lipstick only box, AND that it was paired up in a value set with the Cafe Box, I was sold.


So was it worth it? Let’s see…


It was packed pretty well with quite a few different lipsticks from what I could see, and an information card with all the different product details as usual.


First up we have Shara Shara Feminine Glossy Lipstick in Peach ($12 – Full Size) which is a smooth, rich lipstick that feels soft and long-lasting. I’m just not too sure about the color as it’s a bit peachy and more of a Spring/Summer shade than Fall/Winter.


Next we have Enseti Bijou Bijou Lipstick No.36 Edge Red ($12 – Full Size) which is a bright, bold cherry red. The formula is a bit crayon-y for me, it’s hard to explain, but it reminds me of lipsticks I used when I was younger. However, if the color is right, I’ll make it work!


Here we have Cheek Room Lipstick in a Neutral Pink Shade ($12 – Full Size) which is a smooth, firm and moisturizing lipstick. It goes on well, however it is very nude for me and doesn’t really work as well with my pale skin.


Finally, a true pink! Karadium Movie Star Lipstick in Bright Medium Pink ($29 – Full Size) This barbie colored lipstick is a combination of a lip balm, tint, and gloss all together merged into one total lipstick. I have a few shades like this already so it won’t be a ‘daily’ lipstick but I can see myself using it in the future.


This gold and black beauty is Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick in Medium Nude ($22 – Full Size) I was excited to see a Hope Girl product because I love the packaging, however this color is so wrong for me. It’s like a nude-brown-beige color and I am too pale and blonde (lol!) for it.


The final lipstick in my Memebox is I Myss 3D Cinema Transform Lipstick in Violet Purple ($14 – Full Size) Interestingly enough, this is a magical “mood” type lipstick that changes color when applied. It’s smooth like a balm and has some color to it without being overpowering.


Here are swatches of the color, both in flash and no flash so you can see for yourself! (randomly swatched)


 You can tell that the nudes really don’t work for me, but the bright and pastel shades may be a hit.


Here’s the entire set of items again! I liked that this Memebox had over $100 worth of lipstick products, however I wish that their were more versatile colors and maybe a few more Fall/Winter shades like plum, burgundy, dark red, etc. I liked being able to test out a variety of brands however, as I now know the ones I do and don’t like. Overall, I would say this was an “Okay” box for me as I like the concept, but I’ll only be able to use half of the colors.

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2 thoughts on “Memebox Superbox #58 Lipstick Box

    • I like the variety, but just wish I could rock the corals and nudes!

      And very mildly! It just settles into a more natural purple-y pinkish color. I like it more for its glossiness than the color I would say.

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