LUSH Look-a-likes: Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs


I absolutely looove being pampered, whether getting my nails done, a massage, a weekend spa getaway, or simply lighting a few candles and running myself a bubble bath. In the past, I’ve spent a ton of money at Lush Cosmetics, and while they’ll still remain a favorite, I have been looking around aimlessly for more affordable versions with the same quality. So, when I came across Mad & Mac Bath shop on Etsy, I thought, “Hey, let’s give it a try!” I’ve tried many brands in the past, and this one is the closest, in my opinion, to the quality, scents and overall feel of Lush bath products. I decided to go for a variety and picked out a few bath bombs, bubble bars, bath cupcakes and even received a freebie soap bar!


I tried to get a variety of scents, so for the Bath Bombs, I opted for “Tipsy” a champagne and orange citrus blended bath bomb, as well as “Island Romance,” a tropical blend of pineapple, papaya, coconut, mango, banana and ‘sweet rain’. Both are approximately 8-9oz, which means they’re pretty heavy and so I tried to get 2 uses out of each one.


I decided on two Cupcake Bubble Bombs, one in “Two To Mango,” a mango sorbet scent, as well as “Pucker Up,” a vanilla lemon pound cake scented base with raspberry glaze scented topping. I think the designs of these were what really sold me, the beautiful cupcake base with swirled topping and each a unique on top, like a fruit slice or raspberry bits.


Now, onto the Bubble Bars! These actually ended up being my favorites in terms of longevity, scent and bubble-making! I chose “Citrus Party Punch,” a mix of champagne, lime, lemon, yuzu, orange and tropical punch, as well as the sweet and soothing Blue Eyed Girl” Bubble Bar. That one is a mix of blue raspberry, strawberry, pearberry and watermelon, softer notes of yuzu, sweet orange and passion fruit rose.

They also threw in a complimentary “Pucker Up” Goat Milk Soap Bar! I’m happy they chose a scent which I knew I would like (as I purchased a Pucker Up cupcake) as well as a mini Bath Souffle sample to try out.


Here’s a close-up on one of the Bubble Bars: it crumbled simply and easily, letting you use a little bit or a lot per bath. I really loved the topping to the “Blue Eyed Girl” bar (see above), with the crystallized shades of blue and purple. The smell was amazing and it created the hugest fluff of bubbles that I have seen in quite a while.

–  –  –

All in all, I was really happy with my purchase and would definitely compare these to Lush brand quality at a slightly lesser price point ($4-7 each) and have a feeling they will make some great birthday and Christmas gifts for friends! Now, iff only they had a subscription box…


3 thoughts on “LUSH Look-a-likes: Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs

  1. Cool review! I’ve always been a massive fan of Lush’s bath bombs! Could you also review Vain Pursuits? I’d love to hear what you have to say about their products!

    • Huge fan of those bath bombs too! I usually split them into two though bc I find one is too much for one bath. Maybe I’m weird. What’s Vain Pursuits? I never heard of them before

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