BuluBox ~ May Review + June Spoilers!


Bulu Box, the health, wellness and fitness supplement sample box contains 4 to 5 premium samples sent right to your house each month for only $10 per month. But, if you use my link and promo code BULUGAN782, you can get any length subscription for 50% off!


Here’s the information card, packed with details on all the included brands and products!


First, we have Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins in two types: All-in-One MultiVi + Omega 3’s + Vitamin D for adults, and a variation for kids too. Each are delicious chewy gummies (approx 6 to a package) that are meant to supply your vitamins for the day. They taste amazing but are on the expensive side to reorder, and you need to eat a pack of 6 every day.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro70 reminds me a bit of HempHearts, but ground up with protein powder. I could imagine adding this mix to oatmeal, pancakes or another mixture that would hide the grainy taste but give you all the benefits. One of the things that turns me off about this, however, is that it blatantly says FREE SAMPLE across the front, making it seem like anyone could get it for free from the company or their website.


Fitmiss Burn is a thermogenic specially made for women! I would like to try it for a longer period of time to determine the total long term effects like weight loss, fat burn, energy boost, etc, but this sample gave me a bit of extra energy.


This Power Crunch Protein Bar in French Vanilla Creme was very tasty, however it was also very tiny.. smaller than a mini snickers bar. I’ve had these before and they’re a nice change from the typical protein bar as they have wafers inside!


Finally, we have Anxiety Free Stress Release Formula. I don’t usually take stress relieving supplements, however these could come in handy on a busy, never-ending work day….


What do you think of the May BuluBox? I really enjoyed the Smarty Pants Gummies! Sign up for your own here, and don’t forget to use this link and promo code BULUGAN782 for 50% off any subscription! 

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek at the June Box!


Make sure you sign up before June 4th to get this June Box!



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