Graze ~ February


My monthly Graze Box has arrived! Although it’s small and usually eaten pretty quickly, I always look forward to getting this food subscription box.


Here’s the first look! I actually decided not to “spoil” the surprise and check the contents of my box online, but rather wait until it arrived.


So I ended up getting Toffee Apple, Florentine, Texan Corn Salsa and Eleanor’s Apple Crumble! I’ve had some of these before (either from K’s boxes or my own) but some were newbies.

Toffee Apple is a ‘dipping’ snack, containing dried sweet apple bites with gooey caramel to dip them in. All I can say is DELICIOUS and I keep rating it as “Love” to get it as much as possible.

Florentine is a sweet and nutty trail mix containing dark chocolate drops, craisins, and roasted pumpkin seeds. I wasn’t sure I would like it at first, but was actually pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the different flavors working together, even the pumpkin seeds.

The Texan Corn Salsa was not quite as good as I was expecting, but still tasty. I have had similar mixes in the past that contain pretzels, crackers, nuts but would have enjoyed this one a little more if it had a cheddar or BBQ flavor.

The final mix is Eleanor’s Apple Crumble, which I’ve had before and enjoy a lot made up of raisins, cinnamon and honey almonds and dried apples.


What do you think about this Graze Box? Sign up for your own here! Don’t forget to use my code MACKEN3RU to skip the line and get your first box for free!


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