Blind Surprise ~ Jan/Feb


So my Blind Surprise box arrived a day ago, and I was so excited! This is a company not as many people have heard about/tried yet, but I definitely think it’s worth talking about. For $30 per month, they will send you 1-3 surprise items based on your preferences.

Blind Surprise lets you fill out a profile for yourself or the person for whom it is a gift for, such as their age, gender and interests, and then they ship it out in a simple brown box with their logo spray-painted on.


Since you get to choose your interests, you can pick 1 or 10, and for example, if you like technology, they might send you speakers, an iphone case or another techie item. I personally chose a variety including food/dining, fashion, nightlife, alcohol, tech and a few others.

So I opened up my box to see this giant SURPRISE note on top from the Blind Surprise team. I was more than excited to see what would be under it, since there are no spoilers or 1-size-fits-all box, but a unique item.


So I began unwrapping the bold red tissue paper and saw this plastic customized tumbler inside! At first I thought 1. this was a regular tumbler cup and 2. it was the only item in the box.


But then, I noticed it is a WINE to-go cup, with a little built-in wine glass and sippy no-spill style lid. Plus, it was customized with teal and pink dots and my name (spelled correctly!) across the front of it.


And they also included a little (really small) ball, also with my name customized on it. It could be used as a jewelry holder for rings and earrings or even as a little nut/snack bowl to have while enjoying my wine.


All in all, this was a pretty cool first Blind Surprise box! I really had NO IDEA what to expect.. I could have gotten a book, a travel guide, a picture frame, or various other items, and I’m really happy that they chose this Wine Tumbler to-go cup and mini Jewelry Bowl for me.

While I definitely love my items, especially my customized Wine Tumbler, I do have to say, pricewise, you’re getting around what you paid for, as these items with shipping ended up between $30-40. It’s not the type of box where you expect $100 worth of items but pay only $30, but definitely worth it when you need a unique gift.


Interested in getting your own Blind Surprise, or gifting one to a friend? Sign up here and fill out your customized profile to start. 

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