Sparaj ~ The First Reveal!


I think I may have found my new spa/bath & body box. Sparaj is a new “discovery service” to explore new products outside of the US market. This awesome subscription box comes packed with wellness products crafted from artisans across Asia, such as body scrubs, lotions, bath bombs and more.


For $40 per month, you get a box full of spa products (full-size and travel-size kits) that are well worth the money. PLUS: If you use my promo code STYLISH you get $5 off your purchase! (good until 11/30) This box was the ‘preview’ box which was sent out in September and October for those who wanted to be in the first round of testing/orders. If you order now or within the month of October, you will end up receiving the November box (which I can only wonder what’s inside!)


So, I began to unpack the box, which by the way, has amazing wrapping and design. They take care of everything from coordinating tissue paper and wrapping to adding stamps and an information card. This month’s package/information card specifically focuses on Thailand, and explains all of the items included, their company info and how to use them/their ingredients.


Then… woah, a tote bag!? It’s like Blush Mystery Box- There’s another bag within the box! This logo-stitched mini tote bag is too cute for words! With a neutral base, and black stitching of “Sparaj” on the front, It’s the perfect size to either keep these products in until I use them all, or use as a makeup/overnight bag!


It was all nicely wrapped up with cellophane, a ribbon and the products neatly packed inside. Definite props right now for the packaging… I don’t think I’ve seen any I liked this much since GlossyBox and Juniper. Now, let’s get unpacking!


First. we have the Organic Facial Kit by Siam Botanicals! This kit contains a mini set of products all to be used to give yourself an at-home 4-step facial. Made with 100% all natural ingredients from Southeast Asia, Africa and India, the ingredients are known by indigenous people for  their restorative powers.

The four products in this mini kit are: Rosehip & Tea Tree Cleanser, Organic Coconut Sugar & Honey Face Polish, Rosewater Toning Mist and a Replenishing Face Serum. I can’t wait to test this out as a whole set to see how the products work together, and in general the scents, how well they work, etc.

Once again, the packaging was awesome! You’ll hear this a lot during my Sparaj review, but I love the bamboo box, which contains all the products of the set. It makes it the perfect gift for a birthday or christmas too, because you don’t need to go to the effort of wrapping it up.


Now we have the Cymbopogon Body Care by Harnn, which is another mini-set including two products: a body wash and souffle (moisturizer) with a refreshing lemongrass scent.

The box is very nice and has a classy vibe, and then when I unpacked the items, they were two matching/same size and style bottles with pump tops. The scent is okay- I’m not totally sold on it, but then again I prefer sweet or girly floral perfumes and lotions. This as well would be a great little gift set!


Next we have a bar of Serevana Natural Jasmine Soap. This natural soap is made up of natural butters and oils including Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Barn Oil and Jasmine Essential Oil. I really like this product because it’s not made of fillers and glycerin or other harmful ingredients.


I am loving this Mini Dew Drop Diffuser by Breathe. so much in fact that it’s currently sitting on my desk at work!  Unlike other diffusers with reeds or scent fans, this one emits fragrance through a handmade flower.

I simply unwrapped the product and set it up, putting the white flower on top and letting the rope part of it sink into the Frangipani tropical flower scented oil, and watched the flower change colors within just 2 days. It went from a pure white flower to slowly sucking in pale orange in spots to becoming a light coral-orange flower. Totally cool!

The only thing I don’t like about this product is how fast the rope sucks up the liquid and how quickly it needs to be replaced. I’ve had it on my desk for 1 week, and it’s already just about empty. 


The last item is this Plai Herbal Hot Ball, which is used to help heal and soothe achy muscles, by simply heating it up in the microwave for approximately 1 minute and then applying to areas where you feel pain, stiffness, and coldness. Made with 100% natural ingredients and herbs like Jasmine Brown Rice, Rice, Plai, Camphor, and Borneo, I wish I had found this product a few years ago after achy volleyball games!


So, here’s the whole set! And let me tell you, I am loving it. While it is a ‘pricier’ box than others, it does contain unique and high-quality products. Plus, as I mentioned above you can use my promo code STYLISH to get $5 off a box!

IMPORTANT NOTE: While you can sign up for ongoing subscriptions (3 months, 6 months, etc) you must re-order your Sparaj Box each month to continue receiving it! In their FAQ, they state “There is no recurring billing and your credit card will be charged only once. You will need to re-order with us to purchase another box or to re-new a subscription service.”  This is great because it allows you to try out a box without fear of them charging you in advance for the following month if you’re unhappy, or if you want to order it as a gift for someone!

xo, Kenzie

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