Pizza Making!


I absolutely love fresh veggies and fruit, and of course who doesn’t find some fun in making pizza!? While I can go for a greasy slice once in a while, I try to use items from my garden and make some healthy choices as well.


So I plucked these fresh basil leaves and juicy ripe tomatoes and paired them up with a fresh mozzarella ball, whole wheat dough and a few other items..


I used some tomato sauce that was made a few days earlier and added an array of herbs (dried, not fresh unfortunately) such as garlic powder, red pepper chili flakes, basil and oregano. I get so bored with bland and simple sauces, and always spice mine up.


I rolled out the fresh whole wheat dough as far as I could, with a bit of flour and pulled it out onto a lightly oiled pan. I then baked the crust (with a light drizzle of olive oil) for about 8 minutes at 425 degrees, and then topped it with the herbed sauce, fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, mozzarella slices and freshly grated parmesan cheese.


While my pizza baked for another 8-10 minutes, I threw together a simple salad with romaine lettuce, grated carrots, and chopped red peppers and cucumbers. I needed a little something to munch on along with my ‘za!


I chose to personally make mine into a Caesar salad, and so I added a bit of the extra parmesan cheese, some croutons and Caesar vinaigrette!


Finally, my homemade pizza came out of the oven! I could barely contain myself to sit for 5 minutes for it to cool… I wanted to cut right into it and not share with anyone. But of course, I waited a few minutes and did share… some of it. Anyone have any cool or crazy cooking adventures lately? Hopefully I’ll be able to share of my recipes with you..

xo, Kenzie

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