Fitbox by Platinum Box ~ August


PlatinumBox really have stepped up their service and quality over the past few months, and now I’m motivated to share my product review with you all. This month, I was super excited to get my August FitBox by PlatinumBox, as last months had such a great variety of pre-workouts, recovery formulas, etc. And so, this little square white box with the PlatinumBox logo arrived a few days ago and I eagerly tore into it.


All of the samples were nicely laid out within the box, and so, just for better pictures/reference I arranged them so you could see all of them! The only thing that was missing this month was an info/hello card. Previously, I’ve gotten little white cards with a note from Robbie, and think it would be great for them to keep that up, whether it includes info on the samples, new updates and events, or a simple hello.


Now, the good stuff. First off, I saw this NOW trail bar in Cranberry, Peanut & Almond. At first I thought it was a basic granola bar, but after taking a better look at it, I really liked the little things like how it is loaded with chia seeds, a source of omega-3, and full of fiber!


This next sample is Myogenix Hyper Shock Rage, a pre-workout supplement that is supposed to pump you full of energy and strength to push through an intense workout.


Next up is one of my favorite brands MUSCLE PHARM! Seriously.. if they’re reading this, I’d die to test and review their products. Them and Quest Bars. Done deal. Anyway, this product is called MuscleGel, is a quick fix for when you need protein intake! It’s perfect for on-the-go and has good reviews in terms of the taste (I was questioning the taste of a protein gel), plus it contains 22 grams of protein! I’m intrigued by it and can’t wait to test it out.


Another yummy bar! I really enjoyed my Zing bar in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavor. I warmed it up a little in the microwave and broke it into pieces, and mixed it into a honey greek yogurt for a high protein snack one night! While it is fairly high/average in calories for a protein bar, it has 10g protein and 4 g fiber which is a good thing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone craving a cookie or peanut butter bar, and am going to be looking into the different flavors.


Here’s another pre-workout formula called PreWrek, the ultimate pre-workout matrix. This pre-workout formula in green apple flavor is supposed to give you energy and focus, increase pump and strength, and make for an overall better workout. I’ve never heard of this brand/product before so I will definitely be testing it out to see.


Cellucor is another great, well-known brand. This product is called NO3, a nitric oxide pump amplifier that is supposed to give you extra strength at the gym and increase blood flow for a ‘better pump’.


Here is everything! What I thought was pretty interesting was that this month was half protein, half pre-workout. I do enjoy a variety, and am happy to see the healthy trail bar vs. the chocolate protein bar, but definitely think I would trade in a nitric oxide pump for a recovery formula. I am interested to try the MusclePharm Muscle Gel, the Pre Wrek, and well… all the items in the box and so I give this month a thumbs up.

If you’re interested in the FitBox by PlatinumBox, you can sign up here for $14 per month, and on your first sign up you get a $20 coupon towards their online supplement store.

NEW: They now have a new, pumped up box called the FitBox Premium which includes a trial sized supplement, upto 7-8 samples, discount cards, and workout program promos! You can sign up for $24.99! It kinda reminds me of how JackedPack has different offers, and they’re trying to match/beat their price which will be interesting to see the outcome.

Happy workouts!

xo, Kenzie

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