A Kitchen Box ~ August 2013


A Kitchen Box is supposed to be that ‘little helper’ in the kitchen. It’s not an all-out food box to make dinner, nor just a kitchen tool box, but instead if meant to inspire you. They create a theme, and send you recipe cards and correlating tools to use, so that with your own produce and personality, you can create what you enjoy.


I received what they call The Cocktail Box, a box curated to prep you for all different kinds of cocktail making ($34.95) It came with quite a variety of items that I wasn’t 100% sure what it was for, until I noticed a few distinct items… like the Tabasco sauce!

The thought popped into my mind: Bloody Marys. But then… why is there a citrus reamer? And then I imagined the possibilities of drinks I could make using the reamer and the muddler: Mojitos, Caprihanas, Fresh Lemonade, and so on…


So, you want to see everything!? Okay, here we go…

I opened up the box to this cute tissue paper and information card, that on one side is a Thank You for your order, and the other side lists the items included. There is a music download, a few postcards, and then the kitchen-related items.


Here are all the postcard and recipe cards included! One shows a recipe for a Bloody Mary, another for Ginger Beer, and a few other exciting finds.


So, I saw this delicately wrapped up item and immediately was intrigued as to what it could be…


 After unwrapped the ribbon and paper, I saw that, simple enough, they were Bamboo Cocktail Picks! Perfect for putting olives or fruit on!


Next up, I got a baseball bat! Woooo… oh no, just kidding. I got a wooden muddler (which, if needed could serve as a bat) and is used for mashing up items like mint leaves, limes and other fruits/food items for drinks. When you order a Mojito, they always mash up the mint and lime together to let the flavors emerge, and then add in sugar, soda and alcohol.


Here’s a wooden citrus reamer, which can go hand in hand with making the previous drink. It’s used for squeezing all the liquid out of citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. I use one all the time to make fresh-squeezed lemonade.


Then you can see my tiny little Tabasco Sauce! (Loving my nail color here… even though it only lasted 5 days). I love hot sauce, and although I am not a huge fan of Bloody Marys, I will definitely use it to add a kick to my meals.


Then.. there was a little brown bag package, all tied up with string and a card with a quote by Julia Child that read “Everything in moderation… including moderation.” I just love it! So of course, now I wanted to know what was inside the package.


Two little plastic packs of seasonings labeled “Lemon-Ginger Finishing Salt” and “Rogue’s Heavenly Blue Finishing Salt” by Salinity were inside. I can definitely see myself using the lemon-ginger salt on the rim of a margarita, and apparently the “Heavenly Blue” is a blue-cheese hinted salt, so I have yet to come up with an idea for that one.


For $89, you can get a quarterly subscription which includes 3 months/3 boxes. Plus, they donate $1 from the sale of every box to an Oregon based nonprofit called Children of Kenya, changing the lives of children.


So here’s the whole haul, on the soft white towel that was also included in the box! I definitely like the mix of items, however I wish that there was something else pulling it all together, like a cocktail glass, or powder drink mix… just a little something extra. However I do recommend it to any of my foodie fans out there.

Get your own by signing up here.

xo Kenzie

*I received this complimentary box for reviewing purposes*


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