What’s on my… August 14th *Spoiler Alert*

What’s on my…. Mind:

So, there recently was a deal for 25% off a 6-month subscription to GlossyBox, so I cancelled my current monthly billing subscription, and then signed up for that! I also used Ebates, which got me $2.75 cash back too! I’m just hoping they don’t send me two August boxes… if so, I’ll either have to gift one, or love all the products and enjoy the double dosage!

So, speaking of products, in addition to this Teaser I released about a week ago here, they just e-mailed another Spoiler!

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 12.02.26 PM

So in addition to this… I am ANXIOUSLY waiting for my Ipsy GlamBag to arrive! I got the e-mail saying it was in transit, and was able to log into my GlamRoom and see all the items I’m getting (see below), however it has yet to arrive. The worst part is knowing what I got but not yet having it! So my lovely readers/followers, keep your fingers crossed that it comes soon. 🙂

Ipsy Aug

I am so happy I got the Urban Decay Lipstick and Pixi Mascara! I was somewhat upset last month over not recieiving the Benefit Benetint, but they definitely made up for it this month. I may have to trade in the Brown Eyebrow Pencil, or use it as eyeliner however, as I recently went blonde again. I thought I updated my profile in time, but I guess not, woooops.

What’s On My To-Do List:

A few boxes have come in over the past couple of days, so I will have those reviews up shortly! I recieved PeachDish and created a delicious meal the other night, which I will be posting about this afternoon… stick around! Additionally, I just got my Taste Trunk Sweet Trunk, A Kitchen Box, Juniper, Cloud 9 Sample Box, FitBox by Platinum Box and JackedPack! So I will have a couple busy day this week, loaded with posts for you!

Additionally, I am now signing up for The Pleasure Pantry, Pijon Box, Inzuri, and a couple others as new subscriptions!

– – –

Stay tuned my lovely followers and readers!

xo, Kenzie

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