BlackBox by Cult ~ July 2013

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For the longest time, I was getting acrylic tips done at the nail salon and so I could not properly enjoy doing my nails myself… until now! I got in touch with the creators of Black Box by Cult Cosmetics, who sent me a July box for reviewing purposes. I was really excited to work with this company as I heard through the grapevine that they use high-quality brands and add their own unique touches.


Right on top of the products was their personalized Welcome Card inviting me to the program and providing some inspiration tips/sample designs to try out with the new tools that are included in the box. It shows that 3 summery polishes are included (no 2-year old, winter throw-backs), along with a professional dotting tool and DIY tutorials. I was intrigued..  hmm a dotting tool!?


Here’s a better close-up with the contact info for Cult Cosmetics BlackBox, along with some of the designs they encourage you to try. I like that they don’t just give you the items and say “okay, enjoy!” but actually include some tips and tricks to use the tools and colors adequately.


First Look: I like that they really care about the quality of their items, especially when it comes to shipping. The polishes are all bubble-wrapped together, and the tool is in it’s own little paper bag, just in case of spills or damages.  Now, onto the items!


This is the set of professional dotting tools which is actually really cool! There are 5 different tools, each double-sided with a different size or shape ball, so that you can do tiny polka dots, thin lines or big, bold dots and stripes.


Next up is a special Blue “Shatter” color made by OPI. This crackle nail lacquer is supposed to be used on top of a base coat, and it naturally creates this cracked, “smashed pavement’ style design on top of your nails. I would recommend sticking with either neutrals like white or black, or similar shades like a lighter or darker blue. I mean, you can go crazy and do green with blue crackle, but I’m just going off of what I would personally use. While I do like unique polishes like Shatter and Fuzzy ones, I wish this one was a bit more summery (like a pastel or light color) and could work with the dotting tool.


I’ve included two pictures (above and below) to try to show you the other two polishes included. Unfortunately, the glare and lighting makes them look a bit more ‘neon’ and ‘bold’ than they really are. They really are two light, beautiful summery pastel shades! These two colors are made by Essie and 1 is from the most recent 2013 Summer Collection. When I first looked at them, my thought was: WATERMELON! The bright coral-pink color is called “Sunday Funday” and the light green I believe is called “Mojito Madness”.


I think they look a bit lighter when I’m holding them, but you can try to judge. I will be painting my nails with them to test them out shortly, along with the dotting tool, so you’ll be able to see a more realistic version soon.


Here’s the whole pack, so you can see all the items included! What made me laugh was how it’s such a big box for the 3 polishes and tool, whereas I’ve seen some companies stuff products to the brim of a tiny box. I’m really happy that I got to recieve this BlackBox by Cult Cosmetics, especially since there were not 1, but 2 Essie Polishes, my favorites! I can’t wait to try my dotting tool as well and show you guys how it looks!

After checking out some other reviewers boxes I was a little jealous that I didn’t get another summery Essie color, as the Shatter doesn’t really work with the dotting tool, but I’m sure I will use it eventually.

Now, you can get 50% off your first box by signing up for their e-newsletter here and pay $10 + Shipping instead of $20 + Shipping (aka get your first box for $15 instead of $25). They guarantee that you’ll get 3, in-season polishes along with a beauty tool and some guides to ‘stay current’ and try out new trends. No trials, no out-of-season overstock, samples, AND their polishes never contain DBP, Formaldehyde, or Toluene. Sounds like a good idea to me!

xo, Kenzie

*I recieved this complimentary box for reviewing purposes*

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