Whats On My… July 17th! Featuring: Fun Samples, European Pictures & More!

What’s on my Mind:


Well, to start this post off, I reaaaaally don’t want to be back in reality: working 9-5, Monday to Friday, staring at the sun glaring down and knowing it’s 85 degrees outside and I could be laying on the beach, drink in hand, getting tan. Sigh.


(Positano, Italy <3)

But, there is an upside…..

What’s in my Mailbox:

I have so many awesome things to play with and test out when I get home from work! I came home to a huge pile of boxes, sample packages and magazines the other day, and here are some of the samples I got!


Animal Rage: It sounds so intense that I think it may provide the workout help I need! Created by Universal Nutrition, the two product samples I recieved are pre-workouts called Amp’d Up in Orange Juiced and Slaughter Melon… hehe get it!? It also comes in Apple Jacked, but that was not one of the samples in my pack.

Their belief is: “Energy. Focus. Intensity. Insanity. With each preworkout pack popped or powdered “shot” banged back, Animal Rage delivers the goods. Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, a current of raw power coursing through your veins, an ultra-concentrated dose of Animal Rage packs a knockout punch of energy, focus, performance and endurance ingredients. With minimal fillers and no unnecessary additives, Animal Rage is loaded with only the uncut raw actives, specifically combined for one express purpose—fueling the best workouts of your life. Get in touch with your Rage.”


Next up, Nature Box offered samples to their fans on Facebook in celebration of their success! They offered 1 free sample (out of 3 different ones to choose from) to everyone who Liked their page and signed up with their e-mail and shipping information. I chose the Salsa Spiced Nut Mix to try something new and different, and it was delicious! It encouraged me to sign up to recieve their usual monthly box.

What’s on my Agenda:


More blogging so I can get caught up, and then I get to see Kevin! Fingers crossed that the hot tub is on, because I need to RELAX!

xo, Kenzie

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