Influenster Something Blue VoxBox

So I recently signed up for this website/review program called Influenster, which is a pretty cool concept: they have almost every product you could possibly think of, and it has consumer ratings on the quality, price, and overall thoughts of the product. Some are basic reviews, other intense videos, but they all have one common ground: to create a community and help influence others with their decisions (and $pending!)

I had connected all my social media accounts and written a handful of reviews when it happened: an e-mail was sent out to me, asking to fill out a survey to qualify for a VOXBOX! This free box is shipped out to select Influensters, who meet the criteria for what they’re looking for. Mine, was called “Something Blue,” a wedding prep box (as if you couldn’t figure it out). While this box is full of free products, it requires an in-depth review and analysis from tweeting about the products to posting reviews online and filling out questionnaires. But hey, let’s see if it was worth it:

Entire Box View

The entire box! Filled with goodies

Scholls Dr. Scholl must be God, or best friends with him. No, I didn’t mess up the brand name… but I am pretty sure there is some correlation because of how amazing these Dr. Scholl’s products are! I already own a pair similar to these Ball of Foot Gel Pads, and I slip them into boots or heels all the time, so I was so excited to get these. I can guarantee you that you will love them, especially for their low price (approx. $6.99)


Luster NOW! Whitening Toothpaste is also up there in the products I loved in this package. Maybe I tricked myself into thinking it, but my teeth definitely looked whiter and brighter after a few brushes. It foams up really easily, so you don’t need to use a lot, which means it will last a long time. It’s a bit more expensive than regular drugstore brands, but right on par with other whiteners (Approx. $7.99)

Hempstead-20130607-00974I pretty much fail 95% of the time when it comes to fake eyelashes, so I just apply approximately 5 coats of lengthening and volumizing to make it look like they’re really that luscious! However, Kiss EverEZLashes may be the one brand that I’ve actually found success with! It may be because it comes with an eyelasher applicator and a tube of glue, but who knows… now I’m hooked! (Approx $4.99 for dual pack)

Q TipsThis one is a classic… really, who can hate Q-tips? These went hand-in-hand with my eyelash and makeup application the other night, trying to clean up any mascara or eyeliner that smudged under my eyes during my heavy mascara application. Plus the little plastic case is great for travel (Approx $2.99)


I have yet to try this Headache Relief To-Go, but I plan on it this weekend as I have a friends big backyard birthday party (new york/east coast backyard bbqs = an excuse to be messier and crazier than inside someones house or at a rented venue), so we’ll see if it really works! The idea is genius though, because there are many times I’m without water, and this one you don’t need to mix with water or anything (Approx $1.39)

And to wrap it all up, there was a brochure for MyTrio Rings if you or any of your friends are looking for the whole set (engagement, wedding band and groom wedding band)

Well, I’m off to keep promoting these products and the Something Blue VoxBox in hopes that Influenster will continue to send me more! 🙂

voxbox-blogimage-popup2“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

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