Floral Fascination

Floral Fascination
With the array of flowers blooming and blossoming this season and the love put into the garden I’ve been nurturing for the past month or so (along with the help of my knowledgeable father), I thought I would share one of my favorite patterns/trends.

Floral patterns have gone in and out of style for years, from that vintage 70’s couch your grandparents own, to the crop tops and bustiers adoring sun-kissed shoulders this summer. While I do own a variety of flower-detailed items from flowy tunics and tanks to sundresses and slips, the pattern has even begun to take over denim and heels! Skinny jeans have strayed from their natural indigo shades to romantic, vintage pastels, and finally are now even made from light floral-patterned denim. Paired with either a neutral color, such as tan or beige, or a pale pastel, such as coral or jade, these jeans will make just the right impression.

Personally, I love shoes. Some girls are “bag” girls, owning a vast collection of Kate Spade, Chanel and Chloé, I would rather have a collection of sky-high heels and boots that could be mixed and matched with any outfit. While I normally stick with neutrals, I’ve decided to branch out recently and pick up a pair of Nine West 4-inch Slingbacks in a bright coral shade, and am hoping to branch out more by finding a pair of wedges in just the right floral design.

To hold me over while I search for the right floral pieces to add to my collection, I’ve been playing around with real flowers, arranging them in vases, mason jars and other intriguing containers I’ve been able to get my hands on. This collection of stargazer lilies, white roses, pink roses and white spider mums make a beautiful serene arrangement… if only I had a silk ribbon to tie around the jar, it would be perfect!

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